Varsity O

Being a student-athlete at The Ohio State University provided many incredible opportunities and lasting memories. Those who came before you paved the way for your experiences and now you have the opportunity to shape the future for the next generation of Buckeyes.

All letterwinners have made an impact on the history of Ohio State Athletics and you will always maintain that designation. Therefore, beginning with the 2017 football season, all former letterwinners will have access to the same benefits.

2023 Varsity O Season Proration


2023 Varsity O Season
Per Seat Contribution
Season Ticket Price
Youngstown State
Western Kentucky
Penn State
Michigan State
Zone 1 $750 $708 $67 $67 $101 $204 $152 $117
Zone 2 $500 $635 $60 $60 $91 $183 $136 $105
Zone 3 $250 $563 $53 $53 $80 $162 $121 $94
Zone 4 $125 $488 $46 $46 $70 $140 $105 $81
Zone 5 $50 $417 $39 $39 $60 $120 $90 $69
Zone 6 $275 $26 $26 $39 $79 $59 $46

Beginning with the 2023 football season, an Ohio Stadium Preservation Fee of $2 per ticket, per game will be added on top of the ticket price. The funds generated from the Ohio Stadium Preservation Fee will be earmarked for ongoing deferred maintenance projects necessary to extend the life of the stadium.

More Information

Varsity O Football members receive a 50% discount on the corresponding seat contribution and an approximate 25% discount on the cost for two season tickets.

Varsity O Football have priority to select seats in current VOF sections.

Varsity O Football managers will also have priority to select seats in current VOF sections after all former players have had an opportunity to select seats.

Varsity O football accounts will only be able to select their Varsity O seats in the football sections. Any additional seats will need to be selected in the public sections on the east side of the stadium or west side D-deck. If you wish to have all of your seats together, you will need to select your seats in designated public sections. You will still receive your Varsity O discount for your two corresponding season tickets. All other public tickets will be full price with corresponding per seat contributions,

Varsity O Non-Football members receive a 50% discount on the corresponding seat contribution and an approximate 25% discount on the cost of two season tickets. Varsity O Non-Football are able to select any available seat in the public sections of Ohio Stadium.

If a Varsity O member does not wish to pay a per-seat contribution, they are able to select their seats in Zone 6, which does not require a seat contribution.

To receive the Varsity O discount, you must be a dues-paying member of Varsity O. All Varsity O eligible members will have their $50 Varsity O fee added to their ticket invoice.

Lifetime Varsity O members are not required to pay the $50 Varsity O fee.

The Varsity O discount is limited to two tickets per account. If you have qualified for and purchased additional season tickets previously, or if you wish to purchase additional season tickets beginning with the 2023 season, you may still do so at full price plus any applicable per-seat contribution.

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