Recent Graduate Program

The Buckeye Club will offer young alumni receiving an undergraduate or graduate degree from OSU within the last five years the opportunity to purchase two season football tickets. Below are the prices for the 2023 season.

2023 Recent Grad Season
Per Seat Contribution
Season Ticket Price
Youngstown State
Western Kentucky
Penn State
Michigan State
Zone 1 $1,500 $944 $89 $89 $135 $272 $203 $156
Zone 2 $1,000 $846 $80 $80 $121 $243 $182 $140
Zone 3 $500 $750 $71 $71 $107 $215 $161 $125
Zone 4 $125 $488 $46 $46 $70 $140 $105 $81
Zone 5 $50 $417 $39 $39 $60 $120 $90 $69
Zone 6 $275 $26 $26 $39 $79 $59 $46


Beginning with the 2023 football season, an Ohio Stadium Preservation Fee of $2 per ticket, per game will be added on top of the ticket price. The funds generated from the Ohio Stadium Preservation Fee will be earmarked for ongoing deferred maintenance projects necessary to extend the life of the stadium.

More Information

  • Recent Graduates are any alumni receiving an undergraduate or graduate degree from Ohio State within the past five years.
  • Recent Graduates receive a 50% discount on the corresponding per-seat contribution and an approximate 25% discount on the cost for two season tickets.
  • In order to receive the Recent Graduate discount, seats are limited to Zones 4, 5 and 6.
  • If seats are selected in Zones 1, 2 or 3, there are no discounts provided.
  • Recent Graduates are eligible for the discount for five years following graduation.
  • The Recent Graduate discount is limited to two tickets per account. If you have qualified for and purchased additional season tickets previously, or if you wish to purchase additional season tickets beginning with the 2023 season, you may still do so at full price plus any applicable per-seat contribution.

“With the updated Buckeye Club model, more alumni will have access to season tickets which is a tremendous opportunity for our graduates of all ages. We are most excited about the affordability and access for our recent graduates who will have the ability to continue to support the Scarlet & Gray on football Saturdays.”
– Molly Ranz Calhoun
President and CEO of The Ohio State University Alumni Association

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