1888 Society

About the Society

Beginning with Ohio State Athletics’ first documented fundraiser in 1888, the Buckeye community has generously given countless student-athletes an opportunity to receive scholarships through private support. Today, members of the 1888 Society establish endowed scholarships that provide financial support for student-athlete tuition, room and board, books, and more.

Need for Support

The Ohio State Department of Athletics is a self-sustaining operation and does not receive any state or university funding. With no funding for athletics scholarships, the Department is responsible for annually paying the ever increasing grant-in-aid bill. With a projected grant-in-aid cost at $27.9 million for the 2019-2020 school year, scholarship costs make up a significant share of Ohio State Athletics’ annual operating expenses.

Building our scholarship endowments is necessary for Ohio State to remain at the forefront of collegiate athletics. By establishing your own endowment, you will be able to name a scholarship in perpetuity, while impacting the lives of those who don the scarlet and gray for decades to come.

What is an Endowment?

Endowments are investments in The Ohio State University that live on in perpetuity. The initial gift is preserved as principal and each year the interest produced by this gift is used to pay the student-athlete grant-in-aid bill.


Commitment from donor*
7-year average of the endowment pool’s monthly market value per share
$6,750 Annual amount available for scholarship
$27.9 million 2019-2020 grant-in-aid bill

*A minimum gift of $100,000 is required to establish an athletic endowed scholarship

Points of Pride

2018-2019 Points of Pride

  • 2 Team National Champions
  • 9 Individual National Champions
  • 119 All-Americans
  • 7 Conference Regular-Season Team Championships
  • 9 Conference Players of the Year
  • 674 Ohio State Scholar Athletes

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For more information about establishing an endowment to support student-athlete scholarships, please contact Ian Schumaker:
T: (614) 688-3625
E: Schumaker.57@osu.edu

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