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Please note: Dates/times subject to change. Contact: Cheryl Petrilla, WOSU,

  • Tuesday, August 31 at noon – O‐H‐I‐O 108 (debut show)
  • Tuesday, August 31 at 12:30pm – O‐H‐I‐O 107
  • Tuesday, September 7 at noon – O‐H‐I‐O 104
  • Tuesday, September 7 at 12:30pm – O‐H‐I‐O 103
  • Wednesday, September 8 at 3am – O‐H‐I‐O 102
  • Wednesday, September 8 at 3:30am – All Sides 101
  • Tuesday, September 14 at noon – O‐H‐I‐O 106
  • Tuesday, September 14 at 12:30pm – O‐H‐I‐O 105
  • Wednesday, September 15 at 3am – O‐H‐I‐O 101
  • Wednesday, September 15 at 3:30am – All Sides 102
  • Tuesday, September 21 at noon – O‐H‐I‐O 108
  • Tuesday, September 21 at 12:30pm – O‐H‐I‐O 107
  • Wednesday, September 22 at 3am – O‐H‐I‐O 108
  • Wednesday, September 22 at 3:30am – All Sides 103
  • Tuesday, September 28 at noon – O‐H‐I‐O 109 (debut show – description TBD)
  • Tuesday, September 28 at 12:30pm – All Sides 104 (debut show – description TBD)
  • Wednesday, September 29 at 3am – O‐H‐I‐O 109
  • Wednesday, September 29 at 3:30am – All Sides 104

Program Descriptions and Air Dates and Times:

O-H-I-O 101

Ohio State’s solar decathlon team travels to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to erect the house they designed for an international competition. More than 60 students pursuing more than 20 disciplines across the university contributed to Ohio State’s Solar Decathlon project. Also, engineering students from Ohio State take the streamlined hydrogen fuel cell vehicle they designed to the Bonneville Salt Flats and break the speed record for electric vehicles. Plus, monitoring and reducing Ohio State’s carbon footprint through the Scarlet, Gray and Green program.

Airs Wednesday, September 15, 3am

O-H-I-O 102

Ohio State researchers bring the world’s most advanced biomedical imaging tools to patients and their pets. Sports and art collide when Archie Griffin and Gene Smith take a look at the Wexner Center’s Hard Targets exhibition. Entrepreneurial students find a groundbreaking way to fight cancer with the development of a futuristic nanofiber – and start a new company as well. Traycer, a revolutionary new start-up, is developing a powerful real-time camera that uses a whole new spectrum of light and gives physicians biological metadata while doing no harm to the patient. Dr. Dan Janies maps the spread of H1N1 across the globe, helping to fight off the next global flu pandemic.

Airs Wednesday, September 8, 3am

O-H-I-O 103

Teachers travel to London and learn from the Royal Shakespeare Company how the Bard can revolutionize the classroom, not just the stage. Author Carla Buckley shares a fictional horror story in her new book about a lethal global flu pandemic that uses real life facts shared by Ohio State researchers. Discover what the little-known habits of Cameroon land herders can teach us about people, processes and property rights. See what it takes to really care for those with cancer by spending time with hard-working students in the Ohio State nursing oncology program. And last, bite in to some true sustenance as University researchers create cancer-preventing foods.

Airs Tuesday, September 7, 12:30pm

O-H-I-O 104

A wide array of programs are putting Ohio State on the front lines in energy innovation-everything from solar power to anaerobic digesters and hybrid electric vehicles. Also featured is the new Ohio Union. This latest amazing facility builds upon a rich history at the heart of university’s campus and offers students an array of educational and social opportunities and an impressive multi-cultural wing built upon Underground Railroad history. Next, domestic violence has been called society’s “dirty little secret,” but in this episode of O-H-I-O, public health and social science researchers demonstrate what we can do to prevent and respond to this crime by shining real light on the impacts and causes of relationship abuse. We also explore prevention efforts like Ohio State’s It’s Abuse campaign.

Airs Tuesday, September, 7, noon

O-H-I-O 105

From energy efficient buildings to the use of alternative fuels, Ohio State has become a leader in sustainability. In this episode of O-H-I-O, hear from industry leaders, Ohio State researchers, policymakers, and other experts at the 2010 Moving Ahead conference about the latest in logistics, plug-in vehicles, smart sustainable communities, and more. Also featured are the forward-thinking, paper-conserving experts behind Ohio State’s Kiplinger Program’s digital media training and one of America’s oldest and most successful transportation research centers, the Center for Automotive Research (CAR).

Airs Tuesday, September 14, 12:30pm

O-H-I-O 106

This episode of O-H-I-O starts billions of years ago with the origins of life as traced by physicists at Ohio State working at the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Next, visit the unique laboratories directed by university nutritional and diet experts who set up shop inside COSI, one of the nation’s premier children’s science museums. Then, learn what dogs can teach us when it comes to bone cancer in children through the work of a team of cancer experts, including Dr. Cheryl London with the Oncology/Hematology Service at the Veterinary Medical Center. Finally, travel to Safford, Arizona, for a look at the Large Binocular Telescope where Ohio State astronomers and researchers are getting an unprecedented look at gamma bursts, galaxies, black holes, and supernovas.

Airs Tuesday, September 14, noon

O-H-I-O 107

Summertime is research time at Ohio State. Learn how students in the College of Public Health test quality and search for ways to keep Lake Erie beaches safe for swimmers, while researchers in the College of Optometry look to protect eyes from UV rays and cataracts. Also, learn how mechanical engineering students are going green to collaborate on the design and construction of an energy-efficient, sustainable “Pod” home and how it contributed to a solar decathlon house. And see the latest on Pelotonia, a grassroots bike tour dedicated to raising funds for cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. This segment tunes into the new research fellowships launched by last year’s $4.5 million ride.

Airs Tuesday, September 21, 12:30pm

O-H-I-O 108 (August debut)

When welding engineers say “hot” they could be talking about the products and processes they design or their future career prospects. Step inside the partnership between Ohio State and the Edison Welding Institute as these specialized emerging professionals design the products and create the jobs of tomorrow.  Jobs are a part, but only part of the answer when it comes to overcoming the challenges of poverty, a fact understood and applied by a unique “test it in the real world” team of researchers at Ohio State’s new International Center for Poverty Solutions. Take a walk with them as they hear first-hand what we can do to help more people attain self-sufficiency. Finally, see how chemistry might just provide the secret element to making a battery-powered world reality, the dream of Ohio State University chemistry professor, former dean and now head of the National Science Foundation’s Chemistry Division, Matt Platz.

Airs Tuesday, August 31, noon; Tuesday, September 21, noon; Wednesday, September 22, 3am

O-H-I-O 109 (September debut – description TBD)

Airs Tuesday, September 28, noon; Wednesday, September 29, 3am


Author Carla Buckley discusses her new book The Things That Keep Us Here, a psychological thriller that relies on the real life scientific predictions surrounding a global flu pandemic. Featured are two of Ohio State’s 135-plus Public Health for Infectious Disease experts Dr. Armando Hoet, Director, Veterinary Public Health Program, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine; and Dr. Richard D. Slemons, Professor, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine.

Airs Wednesday, September 8, 3:30am


In celebration of the new Ohio Union, host Ann Fisher talks with guests during the grand opening. Guests, including Ohio Union Director Tracy Stuck, Ohio Union architect Curt Moody, Ohio State Alumni Association President/CEO Archie Griffin, Branding Consultant Barbie Tootle, and OSU students Joey Clark and Ashley Sinram, talk about the vision and planning process for a 21st century student union. Also, Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, Ohio Union Executive Chef Roger Garland, OSU Multicultural Center Director Rebecca Nelson, Ohio Union Activities Board President Stephen Humphries, and Undergraduate Student Government Vice President Jordan Davis join the conversation about the range of activities and state of the art facilities of the new Ohio Union.

Airs Wednesday, September 15, 3:30am


At a time when some of America’s most sensitive and significant wetlands are at grave risk, All Sides focuses on what one community has done to preserve these sensitive environmental gems. Hear from William Mitsch, Director of the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park at The Ohio State University and Jeff Cox of the Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed. Host Ann Fisher also chats with Steve Volkmann, University Landscape Architect, about how to develop areas around important rivers and wetland within a college campus and Ohio State University civil engineering students Michael Behrends and Jessica Wood who are piloting new ways of engaging people with plants by adding special design features to wetlands area facilities such as a boat dock and coffee shop.

Airs Wednesday, September 22, 3:30am

ALL SIDES 104 (September debut – description TBD)

Airs Tuesday, September 28, 12:30pm; Wednesday, September 29, 3:30am