June 20, 2018

Buckeye Breakdown | Maggie Reinhardt & Sarah George | LiFE Sports


Alyssa Jacobs, an Athletics Communications intern and member of the Ohio State dance team, is diving deeper into the internships of fellow Huntington Bucks Go Pro participants this summer. The latest is a double issue featuring Maggie Reinhardt (dance) and Sarah George (women’s lacrosse).

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LiFE Sports is a sport-based positive youth development summer camp for children ages 9-15 that come from underprivileged circumstances in Central Ohio. The kids are coached in different recreational sports ranging from swimming to softball and participate in chalk talk, a portion aimed to educate the youth on nutrition and healthy habits. Every year these camps make a tremendous impact on Columbus youth, and student-athletes have become an integral piece.

Sarah George and Maggie Reinhardt are two of those student-athletes making a difference. Sarah, a Women’s Lacrosse player, and Maggie, a member of the Dance Team, have been working behind the scenes to make sure these camps run smoothly through the Huntington Bucks Go Pro internship program.

George and Reinhardt spent the beginning of their internship learning about the administrative work it takes to host the program, assisting in reviewing the applications for the hundreds of kids that will come through the program this summer. Now that the camps have started, George and Reinhardt have the opportunity to help with the logistics and organization of the camp and interact with the children that attend.

This placement has been perfect for the pair. George, a junior double majoring in Strategic Communications and Child & Youth Studies, has always felt a calling to help educate children. She’s still figuring out exactly what career path to take, but feels drawn to the field of education. Reinhardt, a senior majoring in Dietetics, loves working with kids and sharing the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

“Working with the kids has been so inspiring and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much,” Reinhardt said.

Maggie Reinhardt: On and Off the Dance Floor

Reinhardt is a three-time Scholar-Athlete and is entering her fourth year on The Ohio State Dance Team. Although she is originally from *ichigan, she now bleeds scarlet and gray.

As a member of the dance team, Reinhardt performs at various sporting events including football, basketball, wrestling, ice hockey and volleyball. The team also upholds Buckeye spirit and represents the university as ambassadors by performing for and interacting with the community at numerous events across Ohio. Her team has made her ambitious, capable, accountable, and full of pride for her university.

Many people don’t know, however, that the team’s 20-hour average per week commitment also includes preparing for their own nationals where they compete against teams from across the nation in Pom and Jazz. Reinhardt was a part of two record-setting teams so far during her time with the program: the 2017 team that placed second in both categories and, most recently, the 2018 team that brought not only one, but two national championships back to Columbus in D1A Pom and Jazz, the first titles in program history.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Reinhardt says she’ll never forget storming the field after the 2016 football game vs. TTUN. Coming out victorious after such a high-intensity game is her favorite memory of her Buckeye career.

“Being a member of this team, at this university, in this athletics program is really the opportunity of a lifetime,” Reinhardt said.

Sarah George: On and Off the Field

George is a two-time OSU Scholar-Athlete and Academic All-Big Ten selection. She hails from New Jersey, but Buckeye roots run deep in her family.

“My dad went to grad school here, and two of my uncles and my aunt got their undergraduate degrees here. We’ve always been a Buckeye family so when the lacrosse team started recruiting me it was super exciting,” George said.

“My first time on campus was actually my recruit visit and I remember thinking ‘why would anyone go anywhere else?’” she added.

George thinks the HBGP program offers a unique platform to build new friendships and learn things about fellow student-athletes she might not ever have the opportunity to discover. Her favorite memory as a Buckeye was attending Buckeye Bash her freshman year and getting to walk onto the field at Ohio Stadium with her new teammates. Coincidentally, George is now on the committee that is planning the 2018 edition of Buckeye Bash.

Ohio State Buckeyes

While George was a multi-sport athlete in high school, she says the comradery of lacrosse is what made her fall in love with her sport. She is looking forward to stepping into a different role as an upperclassmen on the team as she enters her junior year, and starting fresh to make 2019 a successful year for Buckeye Lacrosse.