July 16, 2018

Buckeye Breakdown | Jasmine Koonts | Creative Services


Alyssa Jacobs, an Athletics Communications intern and member of the Ohio State dance team, is diving deeper into the internships of fellow Huntington Bucks Go Pro participants this summer. Jasmine Koonts from the women’s volleyball team is up next!

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Jasmine Koonts is a rising senior hailing from Houston, Texas. Majoring in Sport Industry, Koonts is working with the Ohio State Athletics Creative Services team this summer through the Huntington Bucks Go Pro internship program.

Jasmine has had quite the experience living across the United States. The Texas native attended Arizona State University for her first two years of college before transferring and finding herself in Columbus, Ohio.

“The weather here was the biggest transition,” she said. “But the minute I stepped on campus I felt like Ohio State was home. It’s a special place to be, especially as an athlete, and I felt like opportunities athletically and academically in this community were too good to pass up.”

Unfortunately, a series of concussions have prevented Jasmine from continuing to play the sport she loves. While she is no longer able to compete, she believes this is a pivotal point to explore life outside of volleyball and focus on developing herself professionally through the Bucks Go Pro program. Koonts holds an impressive collegiate volleyball career, recording 190 kills and 133 total blocks in her two seasons as a Sun Devil.

As a child, Jasmine had aspirations of becoming a Nike model. She says she was raised in a Nike home; her mother was a passionate supporter of the brand and she grew up wearing the athletic gear. While Nike is still the goal, she’s altered her dream job from model to marketer. Jasmine hopes to one day work for the company and live in Oregon.


Koonts has been assisting the creative team with various projects throughout the summer. Her favorite project has been helping to analyze the preferences of recruits. Jasmine crafted a survey that she sent to incoming freshmen student-athletes inquiring about what they pay attention to and deem important from a branding perspective. More specifically, she asked what the future student-athletes liked about the graphics and social media presence of athletics departments and what the team could implement to make it better.

Visiting the Southside Learning and Development Center has been one of Jasmine’s favorite memories in the program. At this community center, interns volunteered by interacting with the kids in the daycare and learned more about how the facility is making an impact in Columbus.

“I loved going on the community service trip and learning more about the Southside of Columbus. It opened my eyes to an area of Columbus I didn’t know about and made me realize how blessed we are to attend school here and have the opportunity to make a difference,” Koonts said.

Being forced to give up the game of volleyball has taught Jasmine perseverance and the ability to power-through hardships.

“Even though I can no longer play, Ohio State has given me the chance to do something really amazing through the athletics program to better myself and my future,” she said.

“It’s meant the world to me to be an Ohio State athlete. The experience of two different and amazing colleges has made me feel blessed to be finishing out my college years here. Everyone is so eager to help — mentally, physically, and emotionally. Everyone you come across here cares for you,” Koonts added.

Jasmine and the Women’s Volleyball coaching staff are figuring out a way to make sure her infectious energy and enthusiasm still positively impact the team from the sidelines. She’s hoping to assist during the year in any way she can, possibly becoming the team photographer and continuing her work with the Creative Services team to enhance the program’s brand.

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