June 29, 2018

Buckeye Breakdown | Hannah Gantt & Maria Wisman | Student Life


Alyssa Jacobs, an Athletics Communications intern and member of the Ohio State dance team, is diving deeper into the internships of fellow Huntington Bucks Go Pro participants this summer. This edition takes a double dip into the Office of Student Life and not one, but two Buckeye interns.

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The Office of Student Life’s Buckeye Bus is part of the Ohio State Tour, designed by the University President’s Office’s to visit all 88 of Ohio’s counties. Slowly faculty and students started joining in on this state road trip, engaging with the Ohio community and participating in service learning opportunities to connect with alumni and businesses across the state. Every year numerous student leaders and student-athletes are involved with the three tours that take place throughout the summer. Hannah Gantt and Maria Wisman are two student-athletes helping to celebrate the spirit of Ohio through the Huntington Bucks Go Pro internship program.

Maria, a rising junior, and Hannah, a rising senior, are interning with the Office of Student Life this summer. Last week, they were a part of the first Buckeye Bus jaunt of the summer, a tour of Northwest Ohio. Stops included a higher education forum with President Drake at Bowling Green State University, Crim Elementary and a discussion with Gary Harpst, an accomplished alumni and author who had words of wisdom for the group. The intern pair helped with the two-day state tour by finalizing tour stops and helping with event logistics.

“Kewpee Diner was my favorite stop because there were so many alumni there that we got to connect with. Most of them didn’t even know students were coming and it was great to get to talk to so many different alumni,” Wisman said.

Hannah’s favorite stop was the Wilson Football Factory, a small factory in Ada, Ohio where all NFL footballs are produced.

“It was really cool to see how everyone in this small town in Ohio was involved in the production of the footballs and the factory itself,” Gantt said.


Ohio State Buckeyes

Wisman and Gantt are currently working on ensuring success of the next Buckeye Bus that will tour the Cleveland area in early July. Both are excited to explore more of Ohio and learn about the state they call home as well as meet the many different student leaders that will be on the next tour.

Maria Wisman: On and Off the Mat
Maria is a Finance major from Westerville, Ohio. As a member of the cheer team, she has had an exciting and successful 2017-18 season and is carrying that success into her professional life this summer by being a part of the HBGP class of 2018. She was attracted to the program for the chance to expand her professional development experience and be able to network with not only faculty within the Athletics Department, but the student-athletes that comprise the community as well.

Wisman hopes to one day run her own physical therapy business, and has added pre-physical therapy classes to her already rigorous Business schedule to prepare. The two-time OSU Scholar-Athlete has had no problem getting it done in the classroom, and that work ethic is mirrored in her athletic competitions.

This year, Wisman’s team placed third nationally at the Universal Cheer Association College Nationals in Orlando. This was the program’s highest finish since 2001. Wisman’s elite season did not finish with the team’s accomplishment, however. Just under one month later Wisman was selected as a member of the 2018 United States Coed National Team. After training with the team in Georgia, she traveled to Florida again in April to represent the United States in the 2018 International Cheer Union World Championships where the team won Gold.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Maria is looking forward to seeing the growth of her team this season.

“We have a lot of new people on our team this year so I’m really excited to see them experience everything from football to Nationals for the first time,” Wisman said.

Hannah Gantt: On and Off the Field
Gantt is a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team all the way from Houston, Texas. Hoping to one day work in intercollegiate athletics, Gantt is right where she needs to be as a student-athlete and now exploring the professional world right at the epicenter of collegiate athletics success. Gantt is majoring in Communications and minoring in Business.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Some may wonder what prompted Gantt to move over one thousand miles away to Columbus. The answer can be explained by Gantt’s recruitment visit.

“My first visit was the Michigan football game and the culture was just incredible,” Gantt said.

Being a part of Huntington Bucks Go Pro has been an amazing opportunity for Gantt to build her resume and expand her network. She also took initiative in early June by taking part in the NCAA Career in Sport Forum in Indianapolis.

Ohio State Buckeyes

“I loved the opportunity to go to the forum. It opened my eyes to so many careers I never knew existed in intercollegiate sports. It was a great networking opportunity and chance to meet athletes from all over the US,” Gantt said.

The Women’s Lacrosse team recently got a new strength and conditioning coach. Hannah is looking forward to the upcoming season to see the impact the new coach will have on the program and is enjoying summer practices.