July 18, 2018

Buckeye Breakdown | Bia Franklin | The James


Alyssa Jacobs, an Athletics Communications intern and member of the Ohio State dance team, is diving deeper into the internships of fellow Huntington Bucks Go Pro participants this summer. International student-athlete, Bia Franklin, is up next!

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Ana Beatriz Franklin Rodriguez, or ‘Bia’ for short, is a rising junior on the Women’s Volleyball team pursuing a degree in Marketing and interested in Global Health. Through her internship with the James Outreach and Development, she has been exposed to many different opportunities to fuse her passions together this summer.

Bia is a long way from home in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She found herself drawn to Columbus, Ohio because of the opportunity to train and study at an elite institution.

She elaborated: “I chose Ohio State because I wanted to challenge myself to play volleyball at the highest level while focusing on my academics and I don’t believe you can find a better combination of athletics and academics anywhere else.”

Like many of her fellow interns, Bia heard incredible things about the Bucks Go Pro program through other student-athletes. She wanted to gain real-world work experience to push herself out of her comfort zone and the opportunity to do that alongside her student-athlete peers was an attractive offer.

Bia is working with the James Outreach and Network Development department this summer, going through an eight-week onboarding program where she has had the opportunity to experience many different departments within The James. Working together with affiliate hospitals for cancer care, research, and clinical trials has ensured expertise from the institution, and Bia has gotten to be a part of taking care of the relationships and connections with affiliated hospitals.

“I really enjoy the days I get to be on the road with the Outreach Coordinators and visit different hospitals in Ohio. Every day is different and dynamic so I’m constantly learning,” Bia said.

Learning an entirely different language was the hardest part for Bia when deciding to move to the United States, although you’d never know. Her English is near perfect and she received Scholar-Athlete distinction in both of her two years at Ohio State.

“There are so many things that change when you move to another country: culture, language, and even playing style here in the U.S. is different than what I had known my whole life,” she said.

“The transition was probably smoother than most people picture, though. I have a great support system at home, amazing teammates and coaching staff.”

Her favorite memory at Ohio State is coming out victorious against the University of Wisconsin in Madison after losing to them in the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ the year prior. The journey leading up to the win against the Badgers and the fight and tenacity the team had made the win a special, and clearly unforgettable, one for Franklin.

Bia is looking forward to playing the last season at St. John Arena as the new Covelli Center is projected to be completed in March. She clearly has a lot of love for her teammates and believes in the culture of the program. When asked what makes her team special she was clear.

“We love each other, push each other like no other team. We have high expectations on the court and in the classroom. I love the idea of knowing I’m building lifelong connections with some of the most inspiring and strong girls I know while playing the sport that I love most.”

Her love doesn’t just stop at her team, however. Bia has a strong sense of Buckeye pride for the entire university, athletics program, and student-athlete community. She says being surrounded by elite players inspire her to work harder every day.

“Wearing Scarlet and Gray is a daily reminder of those that came before me. It means tradition,” Bia concluded.


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