July 20, 2018

Buckeye Breakdown | Amanda Huang | Financial Services


Alyssa Jacobs, an Athletics Communications intern and member of the Ohio State dance team, has been diving deeper into the internships of fellow Huntington Bucks Go Pro participants this summer. Gymnast Amanda Huang is the next focus!

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Amanda Huang is a redshirt junior studying Finance in the Fisher College of Business. A member of the Women’s Gymnastics team, Huang is interning with the Office of Financial Services through the Huntington Bucks Go Pro internship program this summer.

The Roswell, Ga., native stands at just 4-foot 10-inches tall, but has big dreams for her life beyond college athletics. Amanda decided to major in Finance because of her analytical nature. She has always enjoyed crunching numbers, especially since both of her parents come from business backgrounds. Working within the Office of Financial Services this summer, Huang’s internship is helping her gain a better understanding of what area within finance she would like to have a career in.

Interacting with her coworkers and learning from her supervisor, J.C. Speiser, Manager of Debt Operations, has helped Huang to clarify her specific interests.

“I work on many projects relating to the university’s bond issuances. A lot of the work I do is creating databases in Excel. I also work with another student to prepare weekly market updates that are released every Monday morning with information compiled from the previous week.”

As an Academic All-Big Ten selection and OSU Scholar-Athlete, Huang mirrors the work ethic she has in the gym in the classroom. She attended the University of Alabama for her freshman year of college, but decided to transfer to Ohio State to continue her education and athletic career.

“I decided to transfer because I knew I would have an opportunity to make a bigger impact on my team while obtaining a high quality business education. I really am happy with my decision and all of the doors it has opened for me,” Huang said.

Starting over is challenging for everyone, and Huang says while the decision was difficult, the transition was easy. She arrived on campus in June to train and take summer classes, and she believes this early start made all the difference.

The skills she has acquired as an athlete are transferable to the workplace.

“Being an Ohio State athlete has taught me how to work hard, persevere through challenges, and be a team player. I think all of these traits are necessary in the professional world as well. My sport has helped me many times throughout my internship.”

Time management is another skill Huang has seemed to master, juggling a busy schedule with her internship, summer classes, and voluntary practice hours. In the fall, the team has five demanding, four-hour practices per calendar week on top of conditioning sessions.

Amanda’s favorite memory as a Buckeye was hosting Regionals in April: “We hosted the competition in St. John Arena, so we had a lot of fans. Everyone gave it their all and we had one of our strongest meets of the entire season.”

Huang clearly sets the bar very high for herself, and she says her coach, Meredith Paulicvic, has helped her reach higher and dream bigger.

“She has had the biggest impact on my athletic career. She instilled a sense of belief in me that has given me so much confidence and made me a better athlete,” Huang says.

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