The Buckeyes played two games at No. 18 Western Michigan over the weekend. After falling 4-2 in the opener Friday, the Buckeyes rallied for a 2-2 tie and shootout victory Saturday. The team will be back in Columbus to host Notre Dame, the first-place team in the CCHA standings, this weekend.
Buckeye sophomore Devon Krogh blogged from the team’s trip.
Saturday, January 15 Hey Buckeye fans. Well, we had a better result tonight. The day all started with a 10 o’clock wakeup call and we all got together for breakfast. The room was pretty quiet because everyone was still pretty upset from the night before. After breakfast we went for a walk to loosen up the legs; it was a pretty cold walk. When we got back we had a team stretch and video. Once we figured out what needed to change for tonight’s game the mood got better. After lunch everyone was pretty excited for the game. Most of the boys went to their rooms for a nap. Personally I couldn’t sleep because there were a few minor hockey teams in the hotel and they were running around outside our. Lippie (my roommate this trip) managed to sleep through it but I watched “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” – pretty funny movie.
Now on to the game. Again we didn’t have the best start, allowing the first goal of the game but were able to respond with a goal from my good buddy Cory Schneider. The second didn’t go our way, again we allowed a goal and went into the second intermission down by one. After a positive meeting in the locker room we came out flying in the third. With his first college goal Jeff McNeil tied the game up for us. It’s always great when one of your teammates hits a milestone like that. It really rallied the team and we battled hard to no avail, so on came the shootout.
Western elected to go first and unfortunately their first shooter made a really nice move and scored. However Johnny Albert responded with one of his go-to moves and slid the puck between the goalie’s legs. Western’s second shooter was stymied by Heeter setting up Serg to score the go-ahead goal. He delivered with a move similar to Johnny’s, sliding it through the goalies legs. Leaving it all up to Heeter to make a save for the win. Their third shooter came down and rung one off the cross bar … GAME OVER.
The dressing room was a real happy one. We threw on our win song and everyone celebrated. One of the best things about winning on the road on Saturday is a happy bus on the way home. I am currently on the bus writing this blog on my phone and coach just put on “The Other Guys,” another hilarious movie. So that is my cue to sign out.
Go Bucks!

Friday, Jan. 14

Well not the best end to a long day……


 We started the day off with a 9:30 wake up call. All the guys got together for breakfast. We had a pretty standard breakfast-eggs, hash browns, bacon, and pancakes. We also always get oatmeal, Duddy is the only one on the team that calls it porridge. After breakfast we bussed to the rink for a short pre game skate. After the skate we ate lunch and all the boys dispersed to their rooms preparing for the night’s game.


We didn’t have the best start to the game with Western scoring 3 minutes into it. We weathered the storm and managed to enter the first intermission only down by one. However, we let them get another early goal in the second. We battled back with a goal by Sesh (Szczechura) on the power play. Unfortunately this was answered by another goal by Western.


With a really strong effort Albert was able to score a short-handed goal and put us within one; although after a strong push to end the third we were unable to tie the game, and gave up an empty net goal, resulting in a 4-2 loss. All the guys were pretty upset after this one.


It’s bedtime for us now; everyone is getting ready for a big response tomorrow night.

Thursday, Jan. 13 Hey Buckeye fans. It was a pretty usual road trip to Kalamazoo for the boys today. We loaded the bus at 9:30 a.m. and hit the road. We got a couple sandwiches right away and I had to make some deals to get enough mustard. Boyder and I usually make a deal, I give him my mayo and he gives me his mustard. I get the better end of it if you ask me. Anyway, after we got our sandwiches it took all of five minutes before everyone fell asleep.  I don’t know about the guys but I woke up around 12. We put “The Social Network” on the tvs. I had already seen it but it was just as good the second time. 
After the bus trip we had a practice at 5:30. It was up-tempo and short, the perfect practice to get the bus legs out.  After practice all the guys were pretty hungry so we got out of the rink quickly. For dinner we had chicken and pasta. It was a good dinner; to cap it all off we got ice cream for dessert. 
I’m rooming with Lippie (Alex Lippincott) this trip and were both Jersey Shore fans. The show actually just came on so it is time for me to sign out.