The Buckeyes headed to Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., last weekend to open the postseason with a CCHA first-round series against Lake Superior State. The best-of-three series opened Friday with a 4-0 Laker win in a game televised live by CBS College Sports. The Lakers claimed game two, 3-2, for the series win and a spot in the league quarterfinals.
Buckeye senior forward Kyle Reed blogged from the trip.

Saturday, March 5

Blood, sweat and tears. It’s cliché but at the moment it is the best way to sum up the four years spent as a Buckeye. You go through up and downs in life and sometimes it is hard to realize why these things happen, but one thing for sure is no one can take the memories you share when you’re a part of a team. We lost 3-2 to end our post-season – a little sooner than we expected. With the trip home not looking too promising, it gives me time to think about times playing as a Buckeye.

We had a little bit of a change in routine this morning. We spent 20 minutes in the pool stretching, and boy was it cold. Definitely a great way to wake up. We gave it all we could in the third period to tie it up, but fell short. There is no regret and no alibis but there is curiosity. Curious of what the future holds for us seniors, the other players and the future of this program. What I can say is I am proud and positive about all three.

Friday, March 4

I would like to write more, but the mood is very somber. Losing never goes over well. The day was good, the same routine as usual – breakfast, pre-game skate, couple of hours of downtime before pre-game meal and then nap before the game. There was a good feeling going into the game, we were loose but focused, excited but relaxed and I had a good feeling about this game. We started out behind the eight ball giving up the first goal, but we were getting our chances as well. The puck would just not go in the net. It is easy to get frustrated during games like tonight but as a team, we have to stay the course. Tomorrow is a new day, putting this one in the past and not dwelling on the loss is important for a hockey team, especially during the playoffs. It may be hard to sleep as it always is. No matter if we win or lose, adrenaline is still pumping through the veins but rest is important during this time of year. So is staying hydrated.
Thursday, March 3 Sleeping in is something that does not come by too often, so I took advantage of it this morning, especially after a long hour bus ride yesterday to get to Lake State. We had our wake-up call at 10 a.m., breakfast at 10:15 a.m. and it was off to the rink at 10:45 a.m., but not until after Sean Duddy’s bowl of porridge. At the rink we were able to get a nice team stretch in, followed by a brisk walk back to the hotel for some downtime. At about 1:45 p.m. my roommate Jeff Michael and I went downstairs. We went over some team video which consisted of final touches we can use to our advantage against our opponents, Lake Superior State. Then came lunch time. Cam, our team trainer, was so excited he dropped his bowl into the entire soup and had to fish it out with the ladle. Guess he really liked it. After lunch it was off to the rink for team practice. 
Following practice we had our team dinner at a cozy restaurant called “Ang-Gio’s.” For dessert we were able to choose between chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Since our trainer Cam is so easy to joke with, we decided to switch his ice cream with a bowl of butter. The boys really got a kick out of that one. (We love ya Cam, no hard feelings). After singing happy birthday to our assistant coach Layne LeBel it was off to the bus to head back to the hotel. We had another video except this time it was a motivational, followed by a brief meeting and it was off to the rooms for the night.