NOTE: The photo above of Taylor Stefishen and Sergio Somma is in “honor” of Matt Bartkowski and Corey Toy, who have posed for a similiar shot both at Lake Superior State earlier this year and at Alaska last year.

The Ohio State men’s hockey team is on the road this weekend for a two-game CCHA series at Nebraska-Omaha. Sophomore defenseman Mike Folkes, from Burlington, Ontario, will be checking in along the way.


Well it looks like tonight just wasn’t our night. After gaining a two-goal lead, we fell short again and lost to UNO. Although we couldn’t hold it together to get the win tonight, there were a lot of positive things we can take from tonight and the weekend. Dustin Carlson played a great game for us and made it possible for us to put up a good fight. His 36 saves came in big for us all night as he stopped what looked like for sure goals throughout the game. Shane Sims had a two-goal performance and did his best work to keep it out of our net as well. The power play was working pretty good again tonight also. All of these positives are things we will take from the weekend and use for next weekend against Alaska. Like Coach Markell said, it’s playoff hockey now for us and every game is a battle.  

Once we get back to Columbus tomorrow, we will start getting our heads into next weekend where we want to come away with 6 points. I think everyone in the room knows how important every game is from here on out and if we keep working hard and playing Buckeye hockey, we will finish among the top and carry it forward into the playoffs. The CCHA title is one of our goals, and if we keep working and moving forward, it can be done. The boys are doing everything to achieve it and I’m positive our work ethic and hard work will pay dividends for us down the road.


We woke up this morning around 9:15 am and got downstairs at the hotel for delicious breakfast. We all ate up and headed over to the rink for a pre-game skate. The tempo was good and everyone looked fresh. After everyone got a good skate in and felt like they were ready to play, we took a quick walk back to the hotel to eat lunch. After our meal, we had a few hours to get prepared mentally for the game. Some guys nap while others just relax, but everyone seemed focused and ready to play when we got to the rink.

The team stretched and got ready to play. We came out real hard scoring a few quick goals in the first and just played Buckeye hockey. The second period we got away from our game a bit and they made a comeback, but we weren’t going to let anything get in our way. We battled through the big crowd UNO had on their side in the third and we took the game to a shootout. Cal Heeter stood on his head and kept us in it for a few shots, but unfortunately the Hockey Gods were on the Mavericks’ side tonight.

It’s off to bed now for everyone where we can start thinking about tomorrow’s game. Playing on the road is tough sometimes, but everyone seems ready to get a win tomorrow night and play the style of hockey we know we can. We won’t go down without a fight, and everyone knows how important Saturday is for us. I have no doubt we will come ready to play tomorrow night.


It’s 9:30 at night and the team is finally settled into their rooms at the hotel in Omaha. The day started out as it usually does but was a little more hectic. Everyone had to go to their classes but we had to leave a bit early because practice was at noon.

The skate went well and everyone was excited about the weekend ahead. Passes were crisp and the goalies looked sharp. After a quick and hard skate we headed back to the rink to start loading the bus. It was a quick trip to the airport where we had to sit around for about two hours before boarding. Once we were on the plane, it was a short flight to Chicago where we had to stop and drop some passengers off. While we were grounded, Hunter Bishop decided to break just about every rule set in place by the FAA. He certainly made other passengers and the crew a little nervous with his antics. Once he was settled down, the crew realized we had lost the old (Sean) Duddy, but the new one was on board. The plane took off and we headed to Omaha.

After dropping our gear off at the rink, we made it to the hotel where a nice steak dinner was waiting for us. Everyone filled up and headed up to their rooms for a relaxing evening. We’ll be waking up nice and early tomorrow and start getting prepared for the game at UNO.