The Buckeyes hit the road this week for two games at Michigan State. The Buckeyes came from behind for a 4-3 win in overtime Friday (RECAP) before falling, 4-0, in the series finale Saturday. 

Senior defenseman Chris Reed checked in from the team’s trip.

11/13/10 – Saturday

Saturday began at 10 am with breakfast which was the same as the morning before. I chose the same meal, half as a superstition and half because I just like it. Sergio Somma had a bit of problem in the morning when someone sat in the seat he had been in the day before, but he quickly got over it and moved to another table when a few guys made fun of him.

After breakfast we went for a long walk along the Grand River in downtown Lansing which I can say was very nice. After the walk, we came back to the hotel, watched some video from the night before (there were a few things we could have improved on), ate lunch and went back up to our rooms to follow our pre game routines. Unfortunately for me and CJ Severyn, the battery in the lock on our door had died and no key would work to get into the room. The hotel provided us with a new room for a few hours while they worked to change the battery. Fortunately they got us back in before the bus left for the game, and we were able to prepare for the game as we normally do.

The game was tough, we had a lot of jump from the beginning of the game, but a few mistakes defensively cost us in the end. We played the last three and a half minutes of the game with Cal Heeter pulled from the net and didn’t give up a goal until the last 20 seconds, and had a plethora of scoring chances. It makes us realize how important it is to work hard constantly and to hound the puck because we truly are a different team when we play with total desperation. I’m a bit anxious to see the video from the weekend because there are a lot of things that I can personally learn from the weekend. Mistakes were made and the only thing we can do is learn from them and get better. That is exactly my plan for the next two weeks in preparation for the off weekend. Thanks for reading this weekend and Go Bucks!

11/12/10 – Friday

Our Friday began at 9:45 when we went down to a meeting room at the hotel to eat breakfast. The normal breakfast lets us choose between fruit, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, bacon and sausage, cereal, and oatmeal. I chose eggs, hash browns (a team favorite), pancakes, and finished with a small bowl of cereal. Alex Szscechura was sitting at my table raving about the sleep number beds they had at the hotel and how awesome it is to set it at the lowest (softest) setting.

We then proceeded to Munn Arena to have our pre game skate. The skate was pretty quick and it felt good to get out on the ice to handle the puck and get my legs going a bit for the day. Once again, I felt grateful to be out on the ice on Friday with no worries for the day but to eat, sleep, and prepare for the game that night. After the skate we went back to the hotel to have our pre game meal. Like the night before, we had a nice little salad bar, pasta, and grilled chicken. Half the guys chose gravy for their pasta and the other half chose the marinara. I always choose gravy and absolutely love it.

I went up to my room to enjoy my normal pregame nap. Before I fell asleep, I watched a few episodes of The Office and had some laughs even though C.J. Severyn couldn’t help but complain about my beautiful laughter. I then fell asleep for a few hours to rest up for the battle that night and when I woke I changed into my suit. I feel like a lot of guys were jealous of my tie and suit because I looked so good, but hopefully they get over it.

We got to the rink and I couldn’t help but get involved in a short argument between Dries and Crane about certain animals being classified as mammals. Crane was trying to claim dolphins don’t have blowholes. It’s a typical Crane and Dries type of argument, but it was quickly forgotten about as we had to prepare for the game. We started awfully slow in the first period and fell behind in the first half of the game 3-1. Going into the third period, we battled hard and were able to overcome the deficit and score again in overtime to win the game 4-3. It was a great display of character from our team and I couldn’t be happier with the way we played in the second half of the game.

After the game, I was fortunate enough to chat with my mom and her boyfriend Keith for a bit as they decided to head up to Lansing for the games this weekend. I truly appreciate the support both my parents have given me over the years and am so glad they still get to see me play. Love you mom and dad! We then came back to the hotel and had lasagna for dinner and then I proceeded up to my room for the night. I’m going to go now and finish watching some more episodes of The Office and go to bed. Signing out from Lansing, goodnight and Go Bucks!

 11/11/10 Thursday

This weekend’s trip began on Thursday. I woke up around 9:30 and headed to the rink to the catch the bus that left at 11. I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast and tried to ignore Shane Sims in the backseat chirping me about being fat because of my eating habits (even though my body fat is almost half of his).

We began the trip with an announcement from coach the first hour of the trip would be our study time and after that we would be able to relax. We were given boxed lunches that contained turkey sandwiches, a banana, and a cookie (which I must say are phenomenal). Soon after being handed our boxed lunches, the bargaining began between teammates for extra mustards and mayonnaise. I think Devon Krogh was able to get 4 or 5 extra mustards for his sandwich. The bus ride took about four hours and was pretty uneventful considering most guys took the time to nap on the way up. 

We arrived in Lansing at about 3:30 and had an hour to relax before heading to the rink for practice. While getting ready for practice, I couldn’t help but think how awesome it is being on the road on Thursdays simply hanging out with the team with no worries but preparing for the weekend’s games. Practice was fast paced and pretty crisp, and I think most guys were feeling confident and ready for the game tomorrow. Before we left the rink, some of the seniors were able to catch up with a familiar face from our freshman year in Phil Lauderdale. He lives in Lansing now and works as a lawyer for IBM and I can honestly say he is an interesting character and always has some good stories to tell. 

We returned to the hotel for dinner and many agreed the meal they had ready for us was amazing. There was a build your own salad station, the meat sauce for the spaghetti was great, the chicken was awesome, and last but not least, there was an ice cream bar with fudge, caramel, nuts, and strawberries. Chris Crane was the first guy in line for the ice cream and received a glaring look from the coaches table. Everyone was pretty excited about the huge tubs of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and a huge scooper to go with it. After dinner, I came upstairs and have been watching tv and relaxing since then. But, I’m feeling pretty tired and ready to get a good night’s sleep for the game tomorrow. Goodnight and Go Bucks!