Sophomore Kelsey Haviland is blogging from the team’s trip to Iowa City, Iowa, for the 2010 Big Ten Championship.


Thursday, April 29

Hey Buckeye Fans!

Today was the first day of the Big Ten Championships and I’m excited to say we made it through and are ready to play Northwestern Friday!

It was a slow start to our morning; our match wasn’t scheduled until 3 p.m., so we were lucky enough to get some extra time to sleep in. Cami and I woke up around 9 a.m. and had the morning to ourselves to watch t.v., catch up on studying and just relax.  We met up with the team for lunch at noon and had a quick bite to eat before we headed off to the tennis center. 

It looked like a beautiful day, with temperatures in the 70s, but when we walked outside the winds were gusting up to 35 mph.  As we arrived at the tennis center, Purdue and Penn State were in a battle against each other indoors to decide who would remain in the tournament.  As soon as the match was decided, we jumped on the courts for a quick, 30 minute warm up. 

Our match against Michigan State started a little late due to moving indoors.  The doubles point was a success for the Buckeyes. Keesey and Paloma continued their winning ways on court two and got us the first point easily.  In suit, our freshmen, Fidan and Gabby, clinched the doubles point at the third position, so Cami and I abandoned our doubles match due to tournament rules (once a point is decided the match is called).

Singles followed shortly after, with the Buckeyes up 1-0.  Everyone came onto the court with a positive attitude and wanted to get the job done.  Paloma won her match at No. 2 singles, followed by Kirsten at the No. 1 spot and Christina won in very convincing fashion at No. 5 to clinch the match.  Everyone else on the team had won their first sets and were up in the second set when the match was called, Buckeyes-4, Spartans-0.

We headed straight to the Big Ten banquet following our match.  Even though we were all smelly and hadn’t showered, we had a great time.  It was nice to see our two seniors recognized for their amazing careers at Ohio State.  Kirsten was named All-Big Ten and Christina received the Sportsmanship Award Nomination.  After the banquet and a few pictures (and maybe some Coldstone ice cream), we headed back to the hotel and finally showered and started getting ready for tomorrow.  We are all excited to get a rematch against Northwestern and are looking forward to playing our best tennis tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Until then, GO BUCKS!



Wednesday, April 28

Hey Buckeye Fans!

It’s been a long and successful season for the Buckeyes! We’ve been competing hard every week since January and the team is definitely excited for tournament season to start. The Iowa Hawkeyes are hosting the Big Ten Championships this year and we’re eager to make a run for the title.

We met Wednesday afternoon at the Varsity Tennis Center at 12:15 p.m. Coach Merzbacher was nice enough to schedule our flight in the afternoon so everyone could make morning classes. Lunch was waiting for us on the bus, so we all had Neighbor’s Deli on the way to the Columbus Airport. We flew into Chicago later in the afternoon and from there had to drive to Iowa City. For the first time this year, we were able to bring our trainer Chris Elmore. This made Coach Merzbacher happy, he now isn’t alone traveling with 10 women. In the van Coach shared his secret to success with Chris on how to coach girls: make sure they are fed and get them enough sleep. Hence, we stopped for our second lunch at Panera on the way to Iowa.

We arrived at the tennis center around 7:30 p.m. just in time for the Coaches meeting, and the team got a quick hit outside and indoors. The weather Thursday projects strong winds so there’s a possibility our first round match against Michigan State will be inside. We finished our light hit around 9:15 p.m. and our manager Carrie Smith ordered in Chili’s for us at the hotel. Now it’s time for bed and for us to rest up for our 3 p.m. match tomorrow.

Until then, GO BUCKS!