April 16, 2019

Buckeye Alumni Spotlight | Lauren (Granberg) Lonsberry


Lauren (Granberg) Lonsberry, a three-time Academic All-Big Ten pick and OSU Scholar-Athlete, was a four-year letterwinner for the Buckeyes from 2009-12. Lonsberry’s senior season, which was capped by a Big Ten All-Tournament team selection as the Buckeyes won the Tournament in 2012, saw the Sherwood Park, Alberta, native tie for second on the Ohio State single-season assists list with 10 and tie for eighth on the Buckeyes’ single-season points list with 26. Lonsberry concluded her Ohio State career tied for 10th with 16 assists, tied for 11th with 58 points and 14th with 21 goals. After her time in Columbus, Lonsberry returned to Canada and currently is the director of corporate integration and personnel services at PD Group of Companies Inc. She still plays soccer in Alberta and married her husband, Mitchell, in 2016.

Women's College Cup: Ohio State vs. Notre Dame soccer Final Four Lauren Granberg (18)

What have you been up to personally and professionally since you finished your career as a student-athlete at Ohio State?
“Graduating with a finance degree, I first started working at a bank in commercial lending. After a year with the company, I decided I needed more of a challenging environment where I could play a bigger role in the company with opportunities to make a difference, mentor and coach others and grow my career.

I proceeded to take a position with a private company, specialized in industrial construction. I started as a financial analyst/executive assistant, and worked my way into a director role with the organization over the course of five years. I am fortunate enough to say candidly and truthfully that I love my job, and the challenges it brings me each and every day. There’s rarely a day that I do not look forward to walking through the doors every morning.

In my personal life, I dabbled in coaching both at a university level (winning a national championship), and at a youth level to further develop female athletes to achieve goals and further attain their aspirations in the sport. Currently I have stepped back from coaching for now given my active involvement in continuing to play at the highest level of soccer in Alberta (I haven’t been able to hang up the boots yet). In addition to the above, I have stayed active – taking an interest in running half-marathons, playing competitive volleyball and teaching barre and yoga classes part-time.

In 2016, I was a lucky lady to marry my now husband, Mitchell Lonsberry, after a long 10 years of being together and what felt like an even longer four years of long distance-relationship while in university. As a trial run before actual babies, we proceeded to get a little fur baby named Russell George Lonsberry (cock-a-poo) just over a year ago who we love more than words can express, and as of recently we’re happy to announce we are expecting our first child (a boy) to be born in August 2019.”

Lauren Granberg (18)

What’s the most rewarding part of your occupation?
“Without a doubt, the people and culture. I am fortunate to be in a role where I am able to provide mentoring and coaching to an array of different groups within the organization, from our accounting and marketing teams all the way to our in-house IT team and more. The reward is seeing the growth, collaboration and the synergies among all these groups, across all divisions within our companies in North America. Seeing the success of one or all teams is hands down the best part of my job.

The everyday challenges and high-paced environment keeps me engaged and eager to get in the doors each and every day.”

What’s the biggest challenge in your occupation and how did your time at Ohio State prepare you for the real world?
“Rather than the biggest challenge in my occupation, I would rather speak to in my professional career. Making the switch from my first job out of college at the bank to my position now was by far one of the most difficult challenges I’ve been faced with to date. The fear of the unknown, perceived failure of not being able to stick with it and the negative thoughts running through my head that I made a mistake in my degree choice were real. After many months of self-reflection and mentoring from my parents and husband, I came to realize that life is too short to be unhappy and feel trapped in a career so early. I knew by looking around at the people I was working with in my previous job, that I didn’t want to be them in 30-40 years, so in that moment I identified that I had to make the choice to leave and take the risk, and I’ve never been happier.

Ohio State prepared me for exactly that. Being true to myself. Taking the risk. Pushing myself to limits I did not think I was capable of, and most importantly ‘being comfortable being uncomfortable’ (thanks, Coach). Had I not had the courage to make the tough decision I knew I had to make, I would be sitting miserable behind a desk, unchallenged and unhappy. Going through the motions day by day just to earn a paycheck, rather than flourishing and loving what I do.”

How did your goals while you were at Ohio State change or stay the same from then until now?
“My goals have always remained the same. I’ve always been one to never settle, and continue to look for growth opportunities for myself as well as for those around me. Just as I did in university, I still aspire to challenge myself and my teams and my peers to be the best version of themselves, to never give up, and help them achieve success. I am still always looking at ways to stay competitive in everything I do, and I will never settle for less than my best.”

What do you miss most about your time as a student-athlete at Ohio State?
“Everything! The people and relationships, the classes and professors, the atmosphere, the challenges, the risk/reward, the lessons learned. The highs of winning, scoring a goal or slide tackling to prevent a goal, and lows of losing and having to pick ourselves back up together as a team.

The overall experience is irreplaceable. Nothing will ever compare to the four years being a student-athlete at Ohio State. The memories and learnings will be things that stick with me for the rest of my life. I am so proud and so fortunate to be a forever Buckeye.”

OSU WSOC VS ILLINOIS Lauren Granberg (18)

What is your favorite memory from your time at OSU?
“Sophomore year – being in the College Cup. Nothing can compare to the high of getting off that plane in North Carolina, seeing our school’s name painted on the field and getting to compete as one of the best in the country. Of all my years, that goes down as the biggest ‘grind’ year of all-time. We were a team that had grit, tenacity and a never give up mentality. We won more overtime games than in any other year and the character we all built in that year goes down in history. I will never forget that year.”