Aug. 31, 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State women’s volleyball team is in Hawaii in preparation for the Hawaiian Airlines Wahine Volleyball Classic beginning Thursday.

Amanda Peterson and Davionna DiSalvatore: Today we started off the day with a delicious breakfast of eggs and potatoes, and had our first practice on Hawaii’s campus. Then it was off to the beach! We traveled along Kamehameha Highway and passed Macadamia Nut Farms and the spot where they filmed Jurassic Park. We stopped at Sunset Beach on the North Shore had a lot of fun in the waves and sun. Then we made our way to Waimea Bay and a giant boulder that we jumped off of into the ocean. It was a long way down but a blast all the way! After spending some more time at the beach, we headed off to get some tasty shaved ice and souvenirs from the infamous Matsumotos. We finished the day at the Paradise Cove Luau. There we watched the sunset over the ocean and got some Hawaiian “tattoos”. The team also wore some flowered crowns and shell leis. We had some awesome Hawaiian food (pulled pork, Mahi Mahi, Poi and Haupia) and then the entertainment started. It was a fantastic time :). We watched some traditional hula dancers then Mariah (Booth) and Amy (Schwarzwalder) went up to learn how to do the hula! After some fire dances Emily (Danks) and Amy were chosen to go on stage and do a hula dance solo. They did amazing and had the crowd clapping and cheering! Go Bucks!