On Saturday, April 2, Brutus was scheduled to make an appearance at a Lifeline of Ohio event — A Day of Hope, Remembrance, & Celebration. It was a 24-hour event and Brutus was scheduled to appear around 11am. A dear friend of mine, Kim Hoser, had arranged it. I am a volunteer for Lifeline and was given the privilege of meeting Brutus in the parking lot to guide him to the event. I have never previously had a 1-on-1 experience with Brutus Buckeye. I want someone(everyone) to know what an outstanding appearance this particular Brutus provided to the crowd. He/she was just incredible! I am obviously not a writer, so I can’t use flowery words to describe what I observed. It was such a wonderful experience. Brutus danced with the young folks, posed for pictures with us older folks, and led us in some cheers/dancing to some Buckeye favorites. This guy/gal was non-stop! I guess what impressed me the most was their ability to tilt that head, use their body and hands to bring Brutus to life! The animation was so perfect to convey his thoughts and feelings in a way I never imagined.

Lifeline of Ohio is an independent, non-profit organization, that promotes and coordinates the donation of human organs and tissue for transplantation.

This event was a tribute to those who have given the gift of life, to those who have received it, and those who have died waiting. It was at times a very somber occasion. By inviting Brutus, Kim wanted her “hour to share” to be a celebration of the life of her son, Jonah, who died waiting for a 2nd heart transplant. Jonah loved Brutus!

I want to say thank you to those responsible for providing such a representative of a fine institution to bring fun, joy, and enthusiasm to our community.

I attached a photo from Saturday. What I love about it is that Kim Hoser is in the background above my head, Jonah’s picture is at my right elbow, and Brutus is giving us a hug!

Cathy King