SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. After five seasons with the Buckeyes, seniors Shaun Lane and Rory Nicol have seen many of the wonders of the college football world. With four Big Ten titles and four BCS bowl adventures to their credit, as part of our multi-part series with various members of the Ohio State team, these two veterans share some thoughts on the 2008-09 bowl season.
BCS bowl game match-up you are most interested in watching?
Ohio State versus Texas.
Shaun: Rose Bowl.

Non-BCS game(s) that have the potential to be fun to watch?
Any game that involves the Big Ten.
Shaun: The Capital One Bowl.

Entering the bowl season there were two unbeaten BCS teams: Utah and Boise State. Who wins had they been matched?
Heads = Utah; Tails = Boise State. 
Shaun: I think Boise State would pull it out.

Oklahoma or Florida?                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rory: Florida; defense wins championships.
Shaun: I’m a Youngstown native so I have to go with Stoops and the Sooners.
What moments or plays or personalities stand out from the first two Ohio State vs. Texas games?
Just the excitement of two of college football’s most successful programs going head-to-head. 
Shaun: I remember Ohio Stadium being the loudest it’s ever been during my time here at the Texas game.

What is the University of Phoenix Stadium like?
Indoors, so to speak, so the weather doesn’t matter!
Shaun: State of the art an amazing facility I can’t wait!