COLUMBUS, Ohio Brandon Smith and Nader Abdallah are fifth-year seniors who have been a part of five Ohio State bowl teams and have seen plenty on the college football landscape. Today, in the first of a multi-part series with various members of the Ohio State team, the two share some thoughts on the 2008-09 bowl season.

BCS bowl game match-up you are most interested in watching?

Brandon: It’s a tie between the Orange Bowl and the Rose  Bowl. I have friends who play for Cincinnati and I’m pulling for Penn State.
Nader: The Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC.

Non-BCS game(s) that have the potential to be fun to watch?

Brandon: I think the Capital One Bowl will be a good match-up.
Nader: Georgia vs. Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl.

Entering the bowl season there were two unbeaten BCS teams: Utah and Boise State. Who wins had they been matched?

Brandon: I saw Utah play Michigan so I would give them the nod only because I’ve seen them before. 
Nader: Boise State.

Oklahoma or Florida?

Brandon: I think Florida will win a close one.
Nader: Oklahoma.
What moments or plays or personalities stand out from the first two Ohio State vs. Texas games?

Brandon: A.J. Hawk’s interception in the ’05 games is probably the loudest I have ever heard Ohio Stadium. 
Nader: I remember my family traveling to Texas to see the game.

Is there any Southwestern food that you can’t wait to dig into while in Arizona? 

Brandon: I really can’t think of anything, but all the food they serve us in Arizona is great.
Nader: Not really.

What is the University of Phoenix Stadium like?

Brandon: A very nice state-of-the-art facility.
Nader: It is one of the cleanest.