SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Seniors Ben Kacsandi and Curtis Terry have spent time in many roles during their Buckeye football careers, but both have great interest in this year’s postseason football matchups. In the last of our multi-part series with various members of the Ohio State team, the two shared some thoughts on the 2008-09 bowl season before they left Columbus.

BCS bowl game match-up you are most interested in watching?
The Rose Bowl and the national championship game.
Curtis: I am most excited about our rubber match with Texas; beside that, the national championship.

Non-BCS game(s) that have the potential to be fun to watch?
Pacific Life Holiday Bowl and the Capital One Bowl.
Curtis: The Capital One bowl pits Georgia against Michigan State and they both have great running backs.

Entering the bowl season there were two unbeaten BCS teams: Utah and Boise State. Who wins had they been matched?
Curtis: Boise State has a reputation of winning big games.

Oklahoma or Florida?
Curtis: That’s a toss-up. They are two great teams.
What moments or plays or personalities stand out from the first two Ohio State vs. Texas games?
The atmosphere is electric and always hard-hitting. 
Curtis: In the ’05 game I think the dropped pass in the endzone was the most memorable play.

Is there any Southwestern food that you can’t wait to dig into while in Arizona? 
I love quesadillas.
Curtis: Fatburger.

What is the University of Phoenix Stadium like?
Amazing and very classy a really great facility.
Curtis: It’s a beautiful and exciting place to play.