Back at you Buckeye fans,

I am here to report the rest of our battle from over the weekend.

Friday kicked off our first regular season game which unfortunately left the Buckeyes empty handed. Regardless of the many goal scoring opportunities we created through combinational play, we happened to fall just short of a victory due to the lack of rewarding our hard work by finding the back of the net.  Wisconsin-Milwaukee managed to find two game-winning moments, and capitalized on both of them bringing the score to an upsetting 2-1.

Despite the shock and disappointment of the game Friday, we were able to regroup as a team on Saturday afternoon to clear our minds of frustration, and start evaluating not only the negatives that arose from the game, but also the positive things that occurred. This helped us to understand what types of breakdowns transpired and the ways to prevent it from repeating, along with reinforce and encourage the continuation of the positives.

As Sunday morning rolled around we were able to clear our minds and focus on remaining in the present moment as the game vs. Marquette approached us. The first half was meant to show our true colors with regards to our defending mentality, and we showed Marquette what it meant to be under high pressure.  Once our defensive play got into a rhythm it became apparent that we had to start using our combinational play in order to  create some goal scoring opportunities. As the clock ticked down Marquette was able to take the lead with little time left in the game catching us all a little off guard. However, at this point in time losing was not an option and we were not going to let it happen. We moved into a three front and scored with six minutes left on the clock to tie it up 1-1. After two ten minute overtimes neither team was able to get another goal resulting in a tie. 

Two games down and we walk away with a vast amount of lessons learned over this past weekend. We, as Buckeyes, take pride in each game we play and won’t let anything get in the way of achieving improvement and success.

Until next time. GOOOO BUCKSSS!!

#18 LO Granberg