Hello Buckeye fans,

Yet again another week of training has passed us by and we are anxiously approaching the official kick-off to our season. As many of you may already know, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette are bravely stepping onto our playing field this Friday and Sunday, and I can confidently say we are ready to dive into the season. 

Over this past week we have come together as a team and conquered the different obstacles our coaching staff has thrown our way. Throughout the entire week we continuously emphasized the importance of competing in everything we do, and if technically all else fails, defensive work comes first.  After our match against Kentucky, we decided we needed to focus on being able to join our work rate with efficient technical play in order to further our success. As the week went on, we found the majority of our training sessions being revolved around combinational play in which incorporated plenty of movement on and off the ball, communication, and taking risks to open up time and space.  Each day gradually improved, and we are beginning to develop a sense of each other and feel a rhythm amongst our play.  

We as buckeyes take pride in ourselves and teammates not only on the field, but also off the field, and we are fortunate enough to have the materials needed such as game film and meetings to bring our team together and form great relationships.

All in all, after the hard work we’ve put into this years preseason, we are all ready to show our opponents who we are and what it feels like to play the Buckeyes.

Lauren Granberg (LO) #18