Practices so far this week during preseason have been tough but I think a lot has also been accomplished. We have had two-a-days since Saturday and each day usually looks the same. We have a morning practice, eat lunch as a team, do our own thing for about two hours in the afternoon (which for most of us consists of a nice long nap), go back out in the blazing heat for an afternoon practice and enjoy a team dinner together. The theme for our practices have mostly focused on defending individually and as a team. However, we have also focused on others things like competing in everything we do, and working hard, even if our soccer isn’t the best, every time we step on the field. 

Off the field, I believe we are really getting to know each other, especially the freshmen as we learn new things about their personalities everyday. The upperclassman were able to move out of the dorms on Tuesday and it has been super nice to sleep in my own bed since then. However, I do miss having all the girls right down the hall. We still manage to hang out off the field by going to an occasional movie or a special dinner for a birthday. 

Today we will be preparing even more for our scrimmage against Kentucky on Saturday.  I am really excited to see us finally be put to the test against an opponent.  As a senior, I believe that this has been the most productive preseason yet and that if we continue to work this hard throughout the whole year, there will be no limitations to what we can do as a team.

Lauren Beachy #12