The game Saturday night was definitely a highlight of my week.  We scrimmaged Kentucky but due to weather had a little bit of a late start.  However, getting back out there on the Jesse to warm up and play a game was a feeling that I desperately missed all summer!  We started the game off a little shaky as a whole and let Kentucky out-work us.  But towards the middle of the first half, we started playing Buckeye soccer and knocked the ball around to produce some decent chances.  In the second half, we felt a lot more comfortable as a team and took it to them, scoring two goals and sealing the win.  Overall, I felt good about our play.  We solved the problems presented to us and we communicated well and finished the game strong.  There is still room to grow but I know that this season is going to be a special one.  After the game, half the team stayed and participated in a commercial for the Big Ten Network.  Keep a look out for the Bucks on TV!!

Sunday was our day of rest.  And believe me, I took it.  It was a nice break away from teammates and a soccer ball, that was definitely needed especially after a tough game.  Today we practiced in the morning, working mainly on our speed of play and defensive pressure.  This afternoon we will join up for some video and dinner as a team.  All in all, with no school yet, we might as well make the most of it and spend our days together learning more and more about each other and the game of soccer.  As I said before, and think everyday, I am so blessed to be here right now ending preseason and preparing for our long season as a senior.  It starts Friday!

Go Bucks!