Hi again!

It was a long weekend to say the least.  We came out on Friday ready to battle the elements as well as the Bobcats of OU, but ended up only playing 17 minutes due to the uncooperative weather.  Saying the game is over is easier said than done though.  Every lightning strike meant that the game was postponed another half hour, meanwhile we were stuck in the locker room attempting to stay focused while the storm was having all the fun outside.  To make a long story short, we ended up waiting in our locker room until 10 p.m. for it to be officially canceled.

The weather might have been a blessing in disguise because we weren’t necessarily playing our best soccer.  Having the night basically off, as well as Saturday was definitely noticeable when we took the field on Sunday with fresh legs.  We went into half time against Pitt scoreless, but our attack was knocking on their door.  With plenty of chances and opportunities missed and saved, the team was confident that we could go out in the second half and put a few away to get the job done.  Well, it didn’t go as smoothly as planned.  The keeper for Pitt had an absolutely amazing game.  She made it to everything we threw at her; crosses, shots, deflections…nothing was getting past her!  After going a goal down, we fought back to even the score but in the end the Panthers won off of a deflected shot.

It was a very rough loss for the team.  We felt like we put a lot of hard work into the game as well as played some good soccer.  Taking those two pieces from Sunday is what we are going to build upon.  For me personally, I never like to lose, I am too much of a competitor to ever be complacent with a loss.  But together we’re taking ownership of the result and using it as fuel to our fire for the trip out west.  We go to California as the underdog in both games (San Diego #15, USC #12 in the nation as of 8-25), which is a position that we have proven to thrive in, and that is exactly what I expect us to do!

Thats all for now Bucks!

P.S. You might see some pictures of me walking out to the game on the phone with candy in my hand! That is just part of my pre-game ritual 🙂 I always have to talk to my dad and eat some type of fruity candy, as well as showering directly before I head out.  It’s something I’ve done for as long as I can remember, and helps me get focused!