The Big Ten Network is the fans’ destination for total NCAA tournament coverage.  The network will present six special NCAA Tournament editions of Big Ten Tonight on Thursday (6:30 PM ET and 12:30 AM ET), Friday (12:30 AM ET), Saturday (10:30 PM ET) and Sunday (8 PM ET and 11:30 PM ET).

Plus, every Big Ten team’s pre-game and post-game press conference will air on the network, starting tonight at 8 PM ET tonight with Purdue’s pre-NCAA Tournament press conference, and continuing with Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois.

The Big Ten Network will have complete press conference coverage with reaction from the coaches and players.  Due to multiple Big Ten teams playing at the same time, some press conferences may not air live. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday press conferences will be contingent upon tournament results. See below, or visit for a complete schedule of specific press conference air times throughout the weekend.