Feb. 28, 2005

Columbus, Ohio – The Big Ten released the preliminary seeds for the 10 weight classes at the 2005 conference championship tournament Monday. The event begins Saturday, March 6 and runs through the finals Sunday, March 7 at the University of Iowa’s Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, Iowa. Four Buckeyes received seeded assignments at their respective weight classes, led by sophomore J.D. Bergman, who is the No. 1 seed at 197 pounds. Freshmen T.J. Enright and Kirk Nail earned No. 5 and No. 6 seeds at 133 and HWT, respectively. Junior Steve Wolery was slotted at No. 7 at 149.

Bergman, from Oak Harbor, Ohio, completed the regular season at 33-6 overall and 6-2 in league duals. He finished 11-2 overall against the Big Ten field at 197. Bergman is the lone Buckeye headed to the 2005 championships who has previously placed at the event. Last season, Bergman claimed fifth at 197, two weeks before wrestling to the No. 3 spot and All-America honors at the 2005 NCAA Championships.

Enright, of Galloway, Ohio, wrestled to his No. 5 seeding with a 29-8 overall record and a 5-3 conference mark. He went 6-4 against the field at 133, including a 5-3 upset in overtime of No. 2 seed Mack Reiter from Minnesota. Mark Jayne of Illinois is seeded No. 1. Enright and Jayne did not meet in the regular season.

At HWT, Nail has compiled a 15-12 overall record, which includes nine losses to nationally-ranked wrestlers. In Big Ten action, the Hilliard, Ohio native posted a 4-4 mark with all four league losses coming at the hands of wrestlers seeded fifth or higher. He suffered three of those defeats by an average score of 4-2, including a 3-2 loss to top-seeded Cole Konrad of Minnesota. The first of the four setbacks came in four overtimes to No. 3 seed Pat DeGain of Indiana.

Wolery, the final seeded Buckeye, carries a 13-15 mark and went 2-4 in Big Ten duals. A first-year wrestler for Ohio State as a junior walk-on from Cincinnati, Wolery completed the dual season at 8-7.

Six unseeded Buckeyes round out the Ohio State line up headed to the Big Ten championships. Junior Nathan Costello (Maple Heights, Ohio) will compete in his third league championships at 125. Freshmen Jason Johnstone (141/ Massillon, Ohio), John Vogel (157/ Columbus, Ohio) and Keegan Mueller (165/ Dallas, Texas) head to their first conference meet. In addition, junior Nathaniel Augustson (Rio Rancho, N.M.) and sophomore Alex Picazo (Grandview, Ohio) will compete at 174 and 184 as unseeded wrestlers.

Head coaches from all 11 teams will meet Friday, March 6 to determine final seedings for each weight class prior to the start of the tournament at 11 a.m. (CST) Saturday.


125 lbs.
1. Kyle Ott, Illinois
2. Nick Simmons, Michigan State
3. Joe Dubuque, Indiana
4. John Velez, Northwestern
5. Bobbe Lowe, Minnesota
6. Adam Smith, Penn State
7. Brandon Tucker, Purdue
8. Charlie Falck, Iowa

133 lbs.
1. Mark Jayne, Illinois
2. Mack Reiter, Minnesota
3. Tom Clum, Wisconsin
4. Mario Galanakis, Iowa
5. T.J. Enright, Ohio State
6. Mark Moos, Michigan
7. Bryan Heller, Penn State
8. Brian Dyer, Indiana

141 lbs.
1. Josh Churella, Michigan
2. Andy Simmons, Michigan State
3. Cassio Pero, Illinois
4. Mike Simpson, Indiana
5. Alex Tsirtsis, Iowa
6. Ryan Lang, Northwestern
7. DeWitt Driscoll, Penn State
8. Ed Gutnik, Wisconsin

149 lbs.
1. Eric Tannenbaum, Michigan
T2. Ty Eustice, Iowa
T2. Doug Withstandley, Purdue
4. Anton Dietzen, Illinois
5. Darren McKnight, Michigan State
6. Craig Henning, Wisconsin
7. Steve Wolery, Ohio State
8. Jack Decker, Penn State

157 lbs.
1. Ryan Bertin, Michigan
2. Alex Tirapelle, Illinois
3. Joe Johnston, Iowa
4. Nathan Galloway, Penn State
5. Brandon Becker, Indiana
6. Tyler Turner, Wisconsin
7. C.P. Schlatter, Minnesota
8. Mike Kimberlin, Northwestern

165 lbs.
1. Ryan Churella, Michigan
2. Mark Perry, Iowa
3. Matt Nagel, Minnesota
4. Jake Donar, Wisconsin
5. Donny Reynolds, Illinois
6. Max Dean, Indiana
7. Nick Hayes, Northwestern
8. John DeCeault, Purdue

174 lbs.
1. Pete Friedl, Illinois
2. Jake Herbert, Northwestern
3. R.J. Boudro, Michigan State
4. Nick Roy, Michigan
5. Brady Richardson, Indiana
T6. Gabriel Dretsch, Minnesota
T6. Kelly Flaherty, Wisconsin
8. James Yonushonis, Penn State

184 lbs.
1. Brian Glynn, Illinois
2. Eric Bradley, Penn State
3. Brady Reinke, Wisconsin
4. Ben Wissel, Purdue
5. Paul Bradley, Iowa
T6. Roger Kish, Minnesota
T6. Mike Tamillow, Northwestern
8. Andy Rios, Indiana

197 lbs.
1. J.D. Bergman, Ohio State
2. Nathan Moore, Purdue
3. Matt Delguyd, Northwestern
4. Phillip Davis, Penn State
5. Tyrone Byrd, Illinois
6. Willie Breyer, Michigan
7. Ryan Flaherty, Wisconsin
8. Matt Koz, Minnesota

1. Cole Konrad, Minnesota
2. Greg Wagner, Michigan
3. Pat DeGain, Indiana
4. Dustin Fox, Northwestern
5. Matt Fields, Iowa
6. Kirk Nail, Ohio State
7. Mike Behnke, Illinois
8. Joel Edwards, Penn State