April 27, 1999

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Illinois Fighting Illini
Seed in tournament: No. 1
Overall Record: 22-3
Big Ten Record: 10-0
National Ranking: No. 2
Coach: Craig Tiley
Year at School: Sixth
Last Big Ten Championship: 1998

Top Players
Oliver Freelove — No. 1 singles, No. 10 singles ranking, 32-14 overall (8-2 Big Ten)
Cary Franklin — No .2 singles player, No. 54 singles ranking, 30-10 overall (10-0 Big Ten)
Jeff Laski — No. 3 singles player, No. 99 singles ranking, 32-14 overall (6-3 Big Ten)
Franklin/Freelove — No. 1 doubles team, No. 3 doubles ranking, 30-7 overall (10-0 Big Ten)

Notes: The Fighting Illini’s top three doubles teams have a combined record of 26-0 … Illinois has not lost a Big Ten Tournament match since 1996.

Michigan Wolverines
Seed in tournament: No. 2
Overall Record: 16-3
Big Ten Record: 9-1
National Ranking: No. 30
Coach: Brian Eisner
Year at School: 30th
Last Big Ten Championship: 1996

Top Players
John Long — No. 3 singles, 23-8 overall (9-1 Big Ten)
Ben Cox — No. 6 singles, 25-5 (9-1 Big Ten)

Notes: Michigan is hosting the Big Ten Tennis Championships for the first time since 1981 … the Wolverines are 32-8 in the Big Ten at positions 1, 2, 3 and 6 … UM’s 36 Big Team titles are more than any other school.

Purdue Boilermakers
Seed in tournament: No. 3
Overall Record: 15-6
Big Ten Record: 7-3
National Ranking: No. 42
Coach: Tim Madden
Year at School: Fifth
Last Big Ten Championship: none

Top Players
Derek Myers — No. 1-3 singles, 22-12 (6-4 Big Ten)
Jason Marshall — No. 3-4 singles, Big Ten Singles Champion, No. 85 singles ranking, 25-9 (7-3 Big Ten)
Cris James — No. 1-3 singles, No. 57 singles ranking, 18-8 (5-3 Big Ten)
Al-Agba/Myers — No. 1 doubles team, 15-7 (7-3 Big Ten)

Notes: Purdue is looking for its first Big Ten Tournament championship … The Boilermakers top three trio of Derek Myers, Jamie Gordon and Cris James are all seniors … Purdue finished with a 7-3 Big Ten record after winning its first four matches, losing three in a row then winning its final three.

Minnesota Golden Gophers
Seed in tournament: No. 4
Overall Record: 12-10
Big Ten Record: 7-3
National Ranking: No. 35
Coach: David Gaetz
Year at School: 11th
Last Big Ten Championship: 1995

Top Players
Tom Chicoine — No. 1 singles, Big Ten Singles Championship runner-up, No. 25 singles ranking, 31-14 (3-2 Big Ten)
Tyson Parry — No. 2 singles, 23-16 (6-3 Big Ten)
Martin Michalowski — No. 3 singles, 28-12, 8-2 Big Ten

Notes: The Golden Gophers last won a Big Ten Championship in 1995, the last of their four consecutive crowns … Minnesota’s No. 1 singles player, Tom Chicoine, has missed much of the Big Ten season with an injury … The Gophers and Purdue both finished the regular season with a 7-3 record, but Purdue is the tournament’s third seed based on its victory over Minnesota.

Indiana Hoosiers
Seed in tournament: No. 5
Overall Record: 14-8
Big Ten Record: 6-4
National Ranking: No. 48
Coach: Ken Hydinger
Year at School: 14th
Last Big Ten Championship: 1954

Top Players
George McGill — No. 3 singles, 19-5 (10-0 Big Ten)
Milan Rakvica — No. 4 singles, 30-8 (9-1 Big Ten)
Paul Jacobsen — No. 5 singles, 27-11 (5-5 Big Ten)

Notes: Indiana comes into the Big Ten Tournament on a roll, having won four of its last five matches … IU’s last four wins came by a combined score of 21-7 … The Hoosiers are the last Big Ten team to beat Illinois. IU beat the Illini 4-3 in 1997.

Michigan State Spartans
Seed in tournament: No. 6
Overall Record: 9-12
Big Ten Record: 5-5
National Ranking: No. 69
Coach: Gene Orlando
Year at School: Eighth
Last Big Ten Championship: 1967

Top Players
Francisco Trinidad — No. 5 singles, 14-9 (7-3 Big Ten)
Mark Jacobsen — No. 6 singles, 19-11 (6-4 Big Ten)

Notes: Michigan State’s No. 1 doubles team of Ken Kigongo and Francisco Trinidad won the Region IV Championship and climbed as high as No. 2 in the doubles rankings … After starting the Big Ten season 3-1, MSU slumped to a 2-4 finish.

Northwestern Wildcats
Seed in tournament: No. 7
Overall Record: 9-11
Big Ten Record: 4-6
National Ranking: No. 39
Coach: Paul Torricelli
Year at School: 16th
Last Big Ten Championship: 1990

Top Players
Doug Bohaboy — No. 1 singles, No. 48 singles ranking, 27-13 (8-2 Big Ten)
Bohaboy/Bengtsson — No. 1 doubles team, No. 46 doubles ranking, 17-10 (5-4 Big Ten)

Notes: Northwestern and Iowa tied for seventh place with 4-6 records, but the Wildcats are the No. 7 seed based on their victory over the Hawkeyes in the regular season … Doug Bohaboy had a seven-match Big Ten winning streak at one point during the season … Three of Northwestern’s last four wins have come by a score of 4-3.

Iowa Hawkeyes
Seed in tournament: No. 8
Overall Record: 11-11
Big Ten Record: 4-6
Coach: Steve Houghton
Year at School: 17th
Last Big Ten Championship: 1958

Top Player
Tyler Cleveland — No. 1 singles, No. 56 singles ranking, 14-6 (7-3 Big Ten)

Notes: Tyler Cleveland is one of only two Iowa starters with records above .500. Jason Dunn (11-8 overall) is the other … Iowa’s only Big Ten Championship came in 1958, when they swept the team, singles and doubles crowns.

Wisconsin Badgers
Seed in tournament: No. 9
Overall Record: 6-15
Big Ten Record: 2-8
Coach: Pat Klingelhoets
Year at School: 17th
Last Big Ten Championship: none

Top Players
Mark Loughrin — No. 1 singles, No. 35 singles ranking, consolation champion ITA All-American Tournament, 24-14 (5-5 Big Ten)
Danny Westerman — No. 5 singles, 21-14 (6-4 Big Ten)

Notes: The Badgers went 2-2 in their last four conference matches after starting the Big Ten season 0-6 … Loughrin and Westerman are the only two players on the Wisconsin squad to have reached the 20-win plateau.

Penn State Nittany Lions
Seed in tournament: No. 10
Overall Record: 11-12
Big Ten Record: 1-9
Coach: Jan Bortner
Year at School: Ninth
Last Big Ten Championship: none

Top Players
Jeff Martini — No. 4 singles player, 20-15 (3-4 Big Ten)
Marc McCallister — No. 6 singles player, 15-7 (4-5 Big Ten)

Notes: Penn State’s lone Big Ten win came against Ohio State Feb. 14 … The No. 3 doubles team of Griesser/McCallister have an overall record of 19-5 (7-3 Big Ten).

Ohio State Buckeyes
Seed in tournament: No. 11
Overall Record: 6-17
Big Ten Record: 0-10
Coach: John Daly
Year at School: 28th
Last Big Ten Championship: 1991

Top Player
Chris Porter — No. 1 singles, No. 88 singles ranking, 20-20 overall

Notes: The Buckeyes will be looking for their first win over a Big Ten opponent since April 4, 1997, when they won in Madison … OSUs last win in the Big Ten Tournament came on April 28, 1996, against Penn State … Four of Ohio State’s conference losses came by scores of 4-3, including one to its first round opponent, Michigan State.