Best Fans in the Land -- Thank You!

Simply put, we parted ways too soon in 2020.

No March Madness. No Frozen Four run. No spectacle of the NCAA wrestling championships.

No ping of the bat. No Aces. No Birdies. No Kills. No sunny spring Saturdays in The Shoe. No Jesse Owens Classic.

Our stadiums are empty. Barren. Devout of the one thing that makes them great. The one thing that provides the drive and the passion for competition and ultimate success — fans.



Your passion and devotion pushes us to victories, championships and record-breaking performances.

We’re always together as Buckeyes. It’s the one guiding principle we can truly rely upon. We are united. We are determined to be winners.

Even though you are not filling our stadiums and cheering on our teams, more than ever we THANK YOU.

We thank you for always backing us. You never waver. It’s why Buckeye Nation is so strong … unbreakable.

We miss you. We love you. AND WE WILL SEE YOU SOON!

Are you the Best Fan in the Land?

Tell us why!

If you think you’re the No. 1 nut in all the land, it’s now your chance to place all your Buckeye pride on the line and show the world you’re our BEST FAN!



Gifs of the Year!

You cheer. You SCREAM. You dance. You FLEX. Sometimes we really don’t have any idea what you’re doing …


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