Junior defenseman Rachel Davis will keep Buckeye women’s hockey fans updated through her blog this weekend while Ohio State is in Bemidji, Minn., to face the Beavers of Bemidji State.

Saturday, Jan. 24

Today started off the same as it did yesterday only our walk was cancelled due Global Warming… a.k.a. -20 degrees below. Some crazy guy (our video coordinator Justin) decided to go skating on the lake. Not even the ice fishers were in their huts. Brr… We got a little stretch in and had a good breakfast at the hotel.

We knew the Beavers were going to come out hard because of the close game yesterday. The first period did not go the way we would have liked. We were facing a deficit of two goals at the end of it. We came back with more talk and enthusiasm in the second period, but since we didn’t get too many shots to the net, we were down three goals at the end of the second without a reply from us.

The third period we seemed to get our act together a bit. A great shot by Shannon (Reilly) tipped in by Hayles (Hayley Klassen) got us on the board with about 15 minutes left to go. We kept peppering the goalie but nothing could seem to get by her. We had some breakaways and some amazing rebound opportunities but we couldn’t capitalize.

We pulled Leebs (Liana Bonanno) with about two minutes left to go and again had a 6-on-5 opportunity. A lot of shots came from our end but the Beavers held on to win 3-1.

Unfortunately, we have a 4 and a half our drive back to Minneapolis and it would have made the ride better if we had a victory. However, we now know that we have to come out flying for 60 minutes every time. In the WCHA anyone can beat you and you can’t afford to have any mental lapses at any time.

Next weekend, we face Wisconsin which is always an exciting series for our team. We didn’t come out the way we would have liked this weekend but we can’t wait for the next drop of the puck to prove something to ourselves.

Thanks for everyone that listened to the game online and watched through the play-by-play. We really appreciate all of the support from our fans!


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Friday, Jan. 23

We started the day with a 9:15 wake-up call for a 9:30 walk. Morgan decided that we are going to visit Bemidji Lake outside our hotel which has frozen at least four to five feet thick. We saw a homemade hockey rink complete with two nets. We started to make the trek out (through a foot of snow) and the wind immediately set off a fresh wave of complaints for the weak-hearted of the group.

We trekked on! Or they did as I did and got a piggy-back ride from others. Thanks Rock! The wind kept blowing and cut our supposed 30-minute walk down to 5 minutes. Rocky (Raelyn LaRocque) abandoned me for the walk back so I had wet feet for breakfast. Again, thanks Rock.

Breakfast was gone within minutes and we receive the usual How can girls eat this much?’ looks from the staff at the hotel.

The game was in the afternoon and was an intense one. Bemidji started off the scoring at the end of the first period and then continued with a short-handed goal at the start of the second. We bounced back with a goal from Morgs (Morgan Marziali) which gave us some momentum to tie it up with a goal from Hayles (Hayley Klassen). We ended the second with them leading 3-2.

The third period went back and forth with both teams having too many turnovers. Shannon then tied it up when we pulled the goalie for the 6-on-5. Huge celebrations from the bench! After overtime came a shootout. I love it when we have shootouts because our team dominates!

Theut went first but the BSU goalie saved her shot. The Beavers were then shut out by Leebs (Liana Bonanno) way to poke check girl!

Spooner definitely gets props for the funniest celebration. After her goal, which I don’t know if she shot in or forced in when she tackled the goalie, she celebrated with a fist pump while lying on her stomach in the back of the net.

It was good to get two points and spirits were high at dinner. We then saw the Bemidji men’s hockey game vs. Niagara afterwards. We only staying for the first two periods, and Bucky the Beaver broke his drum trying to get us pumped up.

Tomorrow is another 2 p.m. game and we need to come out extra hard to try and get another two glorious points.

Stay tuned for the recap from tomorrow’s game!

The Davinator… out!

P.S. Hey Josh.

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Thursday, Jan. 22

The women’s hockey team at Ohio State is officially cursed. Something on the airplane seems to break every time we board. So, we have to make our own fun (usually at the expense of the other travelers). Due to this and the hour-long repair of a fuel pump, our team and only a handful of other tolerant people made the trip to Minneapolis. We did have some comfy sleeping arrangements for the flight with plenty of space in the empty seats!

Arriving at the airport, we have to unload the extra bags and pack them into the bus. My class and the freshies were the unlucky ones. We get it all packed up and started the four and a half hour drive to Bemidji. Wireless internet was provided so the bus was filled with us chatting to each other on Facebook. We then stopped at Ciatti’s which was phenomenal. Because of NCAA regulations I cannot recommend this to you because it’s an endorsement but if you would like to go there, I wouldn’t stop you.

Back on the bus, our trainer Kate handed out Tums to all of us, apparently we smelled. We watched the movie “Mamma Mia!” which was AHHH-MAZING! (Editor’s note: or terrible.) Few others seemed to agree with me, but they do not have the high quality taste of movies that I do.
We know we’re getting close to Bemidji when we see Paul Bunyon Drive. Sure enough, there he is tall and proud with his big blue ox, Babe, standing there for all to see. Wow.

We had a pretty good practice where we got our legs moving for the early game tomorrow. The whole team has a good feeling about this weekend. We’re looking to start the final third of the season on a high note.

Stay tuned after the game tomorrow for another full recap. Go Bucks and Beat the Beavers!

Davis … out.

NOTE: Live scoring and live audio broadcasts of the Bemidji State series are available this weekend. Links to both are available on the women’s hoockey schedule page on Games begin at 2 p.m. CT (3 p.m. ET) Friday and Saturday.