March 1, 2020

Being the Change


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – If you’ve been following Ohio State synchro this season you know they’ve been starting a dialogue surrounding the topics of mental health and sustainability. The Gray squad has taken ownership over the topic of sustainability and the student-athletes and coaches have been intentional about every decision made in the process.

Sustainability can be felt in the routines in an abstract way. Bits of old routines are being recycled and repurposed. Clips of music have been crafted together carefully to tell the story of pollution and other environmental issues with voice-overs utilized to complete the message. Additionally, small sections of choreography from previous routines were reworked to fit this year’s concept. 

Tangibly, the team has decided not to purchase new suits for this year’s competitions. Costuming is an important piece of synchronized swimming. It helps to tie together the music, artistic movements and athletic technical skills to tell a story and visually illustrate the theme. The team often reuses suits for solos, duets and trios that are competed regionally throughout the year but it is customary to get new costumes for nationals. The Gray team is breaking this tradition and instead repurposing old suits for their routine. Staying true to their motto to be the change, the team is doing their part. 


Ohio State Buckeyes

The student-athletes will not all wear the same suit, instead wearing pairs of costumes from previous years that fit the theme including fire, ice and time. Elements of these costumes tie back to the overall theme of our planet, and the coloring and intricate designs form a cohesive visual that will help portray the concept of sustainability. 

Ohio State synchronized swimming will be letting Buckeye Nation decide on the fourth suit for the Gray squad. Monday, March 2nd from 12:00 p.m. until Tuesday, March 3rd at 12:00 a.m. fans can cast votes on the team’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by commenting and liking the suit they feel fits the theme the best. The winner will be worn at the 2020 U.S. Collegiate Championships. More information will be available on the social media posts on Monday.