October 9, 2019

Basketball Wives Support Columbus Community


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COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Ohio State men’s basketball coaches and staff are not the only group around campus making a contribution to the Columbus community.

Lori Holtmann, wife of head coach Chris Holtmann, along with other coaches and staff wives, continue to work behind the scenes supporting those in need.

This summer alone, the wives have supported “A Kid Again,” the Ronald McDonald House and most recently the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

“When I toured the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, shortly after our move to Columbus, I was so impressed with the process by which millions of pounds of food each year reaches people who need it in Franklin County and beyond,” Lori Holtmann, said. “Recently, we actually got to be a small part of that process.  A huge ‘Thank You’ to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and Kroger Food Pantry for the warm welcome and for allowing us to serve with your excellent team.”

Kelsey Egelhoff, wife of director of basketball operations David Egelhoff, said assisting at the food bank highlighted the needs of others close to home.

“As wives and moms we spend hours in the neighborhood grocery buying food for our families and planning healthy meals,” Kelsey Egelhoff, said. “Volunteering was a reminder that not everyone in Columbus has that luxury. It opened my eyes to the need in this community, not some far off place, and I’m grateful we got to serve these families. I look forward to doing this more in the future.”

Also volunteering with Lori Holtmann during various opportunities this summer were: Kristen Johnson, wife of assistant coach Terry Johnson, Natalie Netti, wife of assistant to the head coach Mike Netti, AnnMarie Banks, wife of strength coach Quadrian Banks, Stephanie Pedon, wife of assistant coach Ryan Pedon, Kelsey Egelhoff, wife of director of operations David Egelhoff, and Laura Rucki, wife of program assistant Robbie Rucki.