July 22, 1999

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State will open the 1999-2000 season against Notre Dame in the opening round of the 1999 Preseason NIT at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 16 in Columbus. Ohio State could host a second NIT game two days later against either Davidson or Siena with a win over the Fighting Irish. The semifinals and finals will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York, Nov. 24-26.

Ohio State will play nine teams that played in the NCAA Tournament last season, six from the Big Ten and three during the non-conference portion of the schedule. The Buckeyes will host Florida A&M (Dec. 11), who fell to Duke in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament last year. Key road games against NCAA participants St. John’s (Jan. 22, 2000, CBS) and Kansas (Dec. 16, ESPN) highlight the non-conference schedule.

Duquesne, Old Dominion and the University of Washington will travel to Columbus for the Black Coaches Association Classic Dec. 4. Ohio State will play Duquesne at 8 p.m. following the Old Dominion vs. Washington contest at 5:30 p.m.

Every Ohio State game, including exhibitions against the Hoop Group (Nov. 5) and Marathon Oil (Nov. 10) will be televised again this season. The Buckeyes will be featured on national television no less than nine times in 1999-2000 with the possibility of more national television games to be added. ESPN will televise the semifinals and finals of the 1999 Preseason NIT. ESPN also could add Ohio State’s game against Penn State on the road March 2, should the game be moved to that date. CBS also could add OSU’s game at Minnesota, March 5 to its schedule.

The Buckeyes will be televised by CBS against St. John’s (Jan. 22, 2000), at Michigan (Feb. 6) and vs. Illinois (Feb. 27). ESPN will air Ohio State at Kansas (Dec. 16), at Wisconsin (Jan. 13, 2000), vs. Michigan State (Jan. 20) and at Michigan State (Feb. 15). Remaining games will be televised by ESPN Plus to local or regional markets.

Noting the 1999-00 Schedule…

Ohio State will play 11 games against nine teams that played inthe NCAA Tournament last season. Six teams are from the Big Ten.Ohio State will host Florida A&M and will travel to Kansas andSt. John’s. The Buckeyes will play a total of 14 games againstpostseason participants from 1999. In addition to the 11 gamesagainst NCAA Teams. Three games, two against Northwestern andanother against Toledo. Ohio State will host the first round of the1999 Preseason NIT against Notre Dame. The Buckeyes have played intwo previous NIT preseason events. Ohio State lost to DePaul in1989 in Columbus, 71-53 (11/15/89) and to Ohio Univeristy, 78-67,in 1994 (11/16). Ohio State will play Purdue, Michigan, Iowa andIndiana just once during the Big Ten season this year.Home-and-home meetings will be against Illinois, Minnesota,Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan State and Penn State. Every OhioState game, including the two exhibitions, will be televised againin 1999-00. Nine games are scheduled for national television onCBS, ESPN or ESPN2. A pair of other contests, at Penn State and atMinnesota, at the end of the regular season could be picked up byESPN and CBS, respectively. Should the Buckeyes advance to New Yorkduring the Preseason NIT, both the semifinals and finals will beaired on ESPN. The Buckeyes will play 17 scheduled home games andwill have 19 home dates when the two exhibitions are included. OhioState could add another home game with either Davidson or Siena,should the Buckeyes win the Preseason NIT opener against Notre Dameand be awarded another home contest. Ohio State will tie the recordfor most home games in a season with 17 scheduled home dates. Thelast time the Buckeyes competed in 17 games was in 1985-86, wherethey compiled a record of 14-3. A second Preseason NIT game wouldset the record for most home games in a season (18). The Buckeyeshave twice played a 16 home game schedule.

Year Record 1986-87 12-4 1994-95 6-10

The 1999 Preseason NIT consists of eight NCAA participants (NewMexico State, Arizona, Siena, Utah, Pennsylavania, Kentucky,Maryland and Ohio State) and one NIT participant (Hofstra).

1999-2000 Ohio State Men’s Basketball Schedule

Date Day Television Opponent Time November 5 Friday ESPN Plus Local ONE WORLD 8 pm 10 Wednesday ESPN Plus Local MARATHON 8 pm 16 Tuesday ESPN2 NOTRE DAME 8:30 pm 18 Thursday ESPN Plus Local Davidson or Siena # 8 pm 24-26 Wed./Fri. ESPN Preseason NIT Semifinals/Finals 6 pm/9 pm 29 Monday ESPN Plus Local VERMONT 8 pm

December 4 Saturday ESPN Plus Local DUQUESNE @ 8 pm Old Dominion vs. Washington @ 5:30 pm 11 Saturday ESPN Plus Local FLORIDA A&M 8 pm 13 Monday ESPN Plus Local COASTAL CAROLINA 8 pm 16 Thursday ESPN at Kansas 9 pm 19 Sunday ESPN Plus Local EASTERN KENTUCKY 2 pm 22 Wednesday ESPN Plus Local TOLEDO 8 pm 27 Monday ESPN Plus Local OAKLAND 8 pm 29 Wednesday ESPN Plus Local AMERICAN 8 pm

January 6 Thursday ESPN2 at Illinois 9 pm 8/9 Sat./Sun. ESPN Regional/Plus MINNESOTA (Date set 6 days prior) 12:15 pm/1, 4 pm 13 Thursday ESPN at Wisconsin 9 pm 15 Saturday ESPN Plus Local at Northwestern 4:30 pm 20 Thursday ESPN MICHIGAN STATE 7 pm 22 Saturday CBS at St. John’s 4 pm 29 Saturday ESPN Plus Local PURDUE 8 pm

February 2 Wednesday ESPN Plus Local WISCONSIN 8 pm 6 Sunday CBS at Michigan 1 pm 9 Wednesday ESPN Plus Local IOWA 8 pm 12 Saturday ESPN Regional PENN STATE 12:15 pm 15 Tuesday ESPN at Michigan State 7 pm 19 Saturday ESPN Plus Local at Indiana 6:30 pm 23 Wednesday ESPN Plus Local NORTHWESTERN 8 pm 27 Sunday CBS ILLINOIS 4 pm

March 1/2 Wed./Thu. ESPN Plus/ESPN at Penn State (Date set 30 days prior) 8/7 pm 4/5 Sat./Sun. ESPN Plus/CBS at Minnesota (Date set 12 days prior) 2:37, 8 pm/4pm 9-12 Big Ten Tournament, Chicago TBA

Home games in CAPS and all times are Eastern. # Possible opponent, site to be determined. @ Black Coaches Association Classic (Doubleheader) OSU vs. 1990-00 schedule: 637-617 (.508) OSU vs. the non-conference schedule: 25-15 (.606) OSU vs. the Big Ten: 623-603 (.508)