What is J.B. Shuck’s most prized baseball card, Tony Kennedy reveals what was the best part of his 17-game hit streak 

Five Minutes with Tony Kennedy 

Information systems major Tony Kennedy was destined to become a Buckeye. Despite living in Champaign, Ill., and Bloomington, Ind., the senior, who dee-jays on the side, has a Grandfather who’s been pulling him to Columbus since his middle school days. We’re glad he chose Ohio State. He’s a career .320 hitter and it was his sacrifice fly that put Ohio State into the Big Ten tournament last year. He’s already had a 17-game hitting streak this season and he has played terrific in a new position. With graduation looming but much more baseball to be played, Tony reflected on:
Playing outfield: “I’ve grown to enjoy the outfield. Always seeing the game through an infielder’s view, the new position has given me a different perspective on the game of baseball. The position change has been fun and challenging.”
His 17-game hit streak: “It was fun for friends and family who joked about it with me, but once games started I took the same mental approach. I take pride in somehow finding a way to get on base every game. Hit streaks are fun to look back on but in the moment, I am focused on somehow getting on base.”
Working for Apple or Google: “I would love to work for Apple or Google…are you kidding me?! Those jobs are hard to get. I’ll be searching for an entry level IT position that focuses on the integration of information systems within a business.”

His advice for underclassmen: “Live in the moment and don’t take for granted the opportunity you have to play the game you love because not many people get to do it after college.”
The last out of the season: “Ideally, as a team, we will have reached our limitless potential and accomplished our goals so the last out will bring feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment to balance out the realization of the journey ending.”    

Five Minutes with J.B. Shuck 

J.B. Shuck just may be on the cusp of a huge, huge season. The junior pitcher/center fielder from Galion, Ohio is leading the team in batting average, hits and slugging percentage and the staff in wins, innings pitched and strikeouts. One person leading offensively and on the mound? It’s true. He’s improved his career numbers considerably in the process. He’s batting .354 for his career and he is 16-10 with a 3.58 ERA. A member of the coaching staff couldn’t recall a better two-way player at Ohio State. After a recent practice this terrific pitcher, fielder and hitter set the record straight on:

Keys to his 2008 success: “I just worked hard this off season to get prepared for this year and I think we’ve been working well together as a team. I’m just feeding off that.”

Only pitching or only playing outfield: “I find time for both during practice to make sure that I get equal amounts of work in, so I don’t think that [only doing one or the other during a game] has really affected things too much.”

JB…the pitcher and hitter: “When I’m pitching that’s all I’m focused on; just working hard and throwing strikes. As a hitter I really focus on seeing the ball and working on my speed.”

The G4 win over PSU: “It was very enjoyable. It was a big win for the team after what happened on Saturday. It was good to get a little revenge.”

A memorable experience: “My first weekend. We played Missouri on a Sunday game and I got the start. I went out and threw one of my best games and we got a win.”

Rare/prized baseball cards: “I actually have a Babe Ruth card not a rookie card but one from his early years. I’m not sure what it is worth, but it is pretty rare. All of my Kenny Lofton cards are prized. He has always been my favorite player and I have about 50 or 60 of his cards.”

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