COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State baseball Buckeyes have been engaged in some serious training workouts in advance of the official first practice, set for Friday, Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

New coach Greg Beals and his staff of assistants, who in the words of Beals, “bring it” every day in terms of enthusiasm and energy, have had their team engaged in some big-time training exercises called plyometrics. 

Plyometrics are high intensity training techniques that are used to develop power, strength and speed through explosive muscular contractions. In addition to improving power, plyometrics improve coordination and agility and in effect, sports performance.

Click on the link above for six minutes – of an approximate 30-minute session the team went through the day before the start of practice – of the Buckeyes training through plyometrics.

Hang with the video through the buffering. You’ll see good stuff if you do.