WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Ryan Dew and the Buckeyes went 4-0 this weekend in West Palm Beach, Fla., to improve to 13-2 on the season. Ryan played in all four games and started twice at desginated hitter. He hit .500 in those four games (6-for-12), drove in four runs and led the team with eight runs scored. Here are Ryan’s thoughts on the team’s latest trip to Florida.

(Editor’s notes: Four-game cumulative stats from just this weekend’s games are attached. Thanks for blogging, Ryan!)

Sunday, March 15

This morning everyone woke up and headed down to breakfast. Afterward it was time to load up our bags and suitcases and head to the field.  Sunday is get-away day so we have to be all packed and ready for our return trip home when we head to the field.  We got to the field and found out that our opponent was not taking an on-field batting practice.  This gave us a few extra minutes to stretch and throw.  After BP we all prepared for the game.  The mood was relaxed but ready.  We played one of our quickest games of the year, which was not typical of our Sunday games, in defeating North Dakota State, 13-4. It was a good win and a nice note to head back home on.  After the game we headed over to the showers and loaded the bus and headed off to the airport.  We chartered with Express Jets and the flight was great. Overall it was a great trip, getting four wins and improving our record to 13-2.  The one small regret was that for the first time this year we did not have our beloved bus driver Lester. Now it’s time to head home and study for finals and prepare for next week’s games when we head back to Winter Haven, Fla., for spring break.

Saturday, March 14

Rise and shine! Today at 8:30 am we headed down to breakfast.  Shortly after we headed over to the field where we prepared to play two games.  Saturdays are known to take up the whole day so everyone had to get mentally prepared to play two games.  It was a sunny and windy day at the ball park and we were able to tough it out and win both games, 13-10 over SIU Edwardsville and 16-9 over Maryland Baltimore County.  It was a long day but everybody was happy to get two wins. A few guys got quite a few rays and looked more like lobsters than Buckeyes.  It was a fun trip back to the hotel and then everybody headed out to get some food. Now its time to head off to bed and prepare to get one more win tomorrow.  Most guys will pack up their bags tonight so they can catch a few extra zzzzzzz…..’s in the morning. 

Friday, March 13

This morning most of the guys woke up and ate some continental breakfast. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. A lot of the guys were studying while others were catching rays by the pool. It was a six o’clock game so we had some time to kill. At 1:45 p.m. we all loaded up and went to everybody’s favorite restaurant: “Golden Corral.” Well that may not be truthful, but at least we know the coaches like it.  But this was a newer GC and was actually getting a lot of compliments from some of my teammates.  

Afterward we headed back and had to hustle to our rooms and change because we hit some traffic and were pressed for time.  We loaded back up 25 minutes later and headed to the field. We took an abbreviated batting practice and the game was a go. We had kind of a slow start, but eventually had an offensive explosion and ended up winning 20-3! Alex Wimmers threw a complete game and struck out 15 batters. We were all pretty upbeat and hungry after the game.  Everyone will now go out to get some food and then get to bed and get ready for our two games tomorrow.

Editor’s note: Ryan came into the game in the sixth inning and in less than three innings he had two hits and he tied his career high with three runs scored. 

Thursday, March 12

Today we left the field at Bill Davis Stadium promptly at 11:15 a.m. and headed to the airport. Everybody was excited to be chartering again after last week almost missing our flight home. The flight was a smooth two-and-a-half hours and when we landed at our home away from home – good ole’ Florida – it was sunny and 81 degrees. We boarded our bus and headed to the “Best Western.” Everybody hurried to their rooms and we headed to practice where Pete threw some money batting practice after taking some ground balls and fly balls. It was an upbeat atmosphere and everyone is ready to go. After practice we headed back to the hotel to shower and eat. There are not too many options where we are staying, so most of the guys headed over to “Steak & Shake” where everybody took advantage of the $3.99 meals.  A bunch of the guys are busy studying tonight for finals next week. Soon it will be lights out and time to prepare for the game tomorrow.