August 1, 2018

“Back in the Shoe” – Supporting Oregon State vs. Ohio State


Digital Media’s “Back in the Shoe” content was launched in late July to help promote the first football of the game of the season: Oregon State vs. Ohio State.

Content included messaging, videos, photos throughout late July and all of August. Content was posted to Twitter (@OhioStAthletics and @Brutus_Buckeye), Facebook and Instagram.

Below are examples of the type of content created and distributed.

Paid Campaign

A paid campaign was launched August 14 and ran for two weeks on Facebook and Instagram. The ad resulted in:

  • 117,408 people reached
  • 450,145 impressions
  • 4,252 clicks to the Ticketmaster page


The following are examples of the videos created for the Back in the Shoe campaign. Many were used throughout the campaign, and revisited in the week leading up to the game.

Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise… Picture you in #TheShoe Noon | Saturday | ABC

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The team also managed two contests to generate interest. Below is more information about those contests.

“Back in the Shoe” Drawing Contest (July 25-30)

Web link:

Mascot Monday (August 27)