Two Ohio State professors and an advisor recognized for their support and inspiration

COLUMBUS, Ohio Nearly 100 student-athletes, faculty and staff members of The Ohio State University filled the recruit room in Ohio Stadium Wednesday afternoon for the Student-Athlete Advisory Board’s (SAAB) annual Faculty Appreciation Lunch.

Held each fall, SAAB welcomes its members to invite faculty or staff members to the luncheon as a thank you for inspiring and guiding all 1,000-plus student-athletes in their academic pursuits.

“As student-athletes we have busy schedules with practice, class, games and travel,” Emma Jandel, a senior on the women’s golf team and luncheon organizer, said. “We appreciate the help we receive from The Ohio State University faculty and staff members. It is because of their guidance and help in the classroom that Ohio State athletics is as great as it is.”

Each year the male and female Most Valuable Professor and Most Valuable Advisor awards are distributed at the lunch. Steven Nozaki, a senior on the rifle team, and Alyssa Meyer, a senior on the women’s gymnastics team, honored their professors Dr. Mark McCord and Dr. Emily Stevens, respectively, with the Most Valuable Professor laurel. Freshmen rowers Ulrike Denker and Anna-Maria Kipphardt, natives of Germany, gave the Most Valuable Advisor award to Sarah Henderson who helped them adjust to life in the U.S. this past summer.

Representatives from all 36 Buckeye sport teams were invited to bring a professor, lecturer or advisor of their choice.

“I brought Shad Phipps, my real estate professor, because his class is one of my favorites this quarter,” Pejman Ebrahimi, a senior on the men’s gymnastics team, said. “He is a good professor because of his approach. He makes class fun and keeps our attention by making the class as close to what we will experience in the business world as possible.”

Next month, SAAB gets into the holiday spirit by adopting a family. The student-athletes will be wrapping gifts for the family at its next monthly meeting before the end of Autumn Quarter.