After hitting the books all day with an intense session of basketball practice to follow, Ohio State junior Ugo Nwankwo appreciates nothing more than relaxing in front of the television and listening to the sweet sounds of his favorite musical artists to help him unwind after a tough day as an Ohio State student-athlete.

However, it is the events and ideas that transpire on TV and in the music industry that spur on the Ann Arbor, Mich., native’s creative writing skills.

“Basketball and school can sometimes get pretty stressful and getting your thoughts down on paper is a great escape from the day’s activities,” Nwankwo said.

Nwankwo’s inspiration comes from how people are portrayed in the media. Nwankwo focuses his creative writing on the individuals who are presented unfairly.

“Everyday you see things in the media that don’t make a whole lot of sense,” Nwankwo said. “By getting my thoughts on paper it really helps me express myself on certain subjects.”

Nwankwo, who is unable to write as much as he would like during the basketball season, admits creative writing serves as an escape from the day’s activities.

“Creative writing is great because it is very satisfying,” Nawanko said. “Music also serves as a big inspiration for me. Sometimes I feel that music sends out the wrong message, which persuades me to write about the common misconceptions in today’s music industry.”

For Nwankwo, creative writing has served as a hobby throughout middle school and high school. However, it was in his African-American studies class at Ohio State where the 6-foot-3-inch guard first shared his hidden talent.

Nwankwo’s style in creative writing originates from today’s progressive hip-hop artists such as Most Def, Jurassic Five and Outkast.

“I really enjoy the style progressive hip-hop artists have,” Nwankwo said. “The words they speak in their message have a particular sound that is very diversified from the rest of today’s music and that is something I really look up to.” Although Nwankwo enjoys writing about the common misconceptions on TV and in the music industry, do not look for him to appear at open mic nights at a local coffee house.

“I usually don’t like to share a lot of my creating writing,” Nwankwo said. “For me, creative writing is just a hobby and skill that I take a lot of pride in.”