Former Buckeye Gary Bining was featured in the Boston Herald Friday 

Gary Bining Blazes Trail

By Mark Daniels

In this day and age when most professional lacrosse players can’t get by on the money they make from the sport alone, you find a lot living Clark Kent-type double lives.

Enter Boston Blazers forward Gary Bining. With his small stature (listed at a generous 5-foot-8) and kind demeanor, the Vancouver native looks to be straight out of the medical lab instead of a lacrosse arena. And for good reason – he’s an aspiring doctor.

Indoor lacrosse, where fighting is prevalent, is as far away from a job focused on helping people as you can get.

It’s definitely two different realms,” Bining said. “I’m just fortunate to have these opportunities. I have a really good family that’s really supportive and let me do the things I wanted to do.”

“Even before he received a scholarship to play lacrosse at Ohio State, Bining excelled in school. While Bining dabbled in a variety of sciences his freshman year, senior captain Peter Dillon, who late graduated from Georgetown Medical School, helped put him on the path.

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