Oct. 29, 1999

WEST POINT, NY. – The Ohio State pistol team lost a three-way meet against Army and the Coast Guard. Army won the meet with a grad aggregate score of 6,289. The Coast Guard finished second with 6,243 and Ohio State was third with 5,825. Buckeye Karen Tessneer achieved an all-time personal best in air pistol with a score of 537. The Ohio State squad included Tessneer, David Murphy, Michelle Souza and Paul Zelenak.

The scoring is as follows:

Aggregate Standard Pistol: Army 2124 Coast Guard 2119 OSU 1958

Free Pistol: Army 1968 Coast Guard 1941 OSU 1817

Air Pistol: Army 2197 Coast Guard 2183 OSU 2050

GRAND AGGREGATE Army 6289 Coast Guard 6243 OSU 5825