SP11 Finals Week – June 6-9 

Welcome to your source of support as you prepare for finals.  Below is a list of the various support systems in place for you as you prepare for your exams this week, and next. 

  • Younkin Success Center Builiding Hours – Extended hours for Finals Week.
  • Walk-in Tutor Schedule – Begins Sunday, June 5th
  • Math & Stats Learning Center information – Click here for information on available resources
  • SP11 Final Exam Schedule (make sure to review your syllabus!) – If you’re not sure, ask your professor.
  • Book and Academic Supplies Return Information – Everything needs to be turned in by Monday, June 13th!
    • All keep slips, calculators, other academic supplies returned to SASSO by 4:30pm on Monday, June 13th.
    • All books returned to Barnes & Noble by 8pm on Monday, June 13th – does not matter where you purchased the book – Get and Keep your receipt of return!!
  • Additional Support 
    • Test Preparation to Control Anxiety

Younkin Success Center Building Hours

*Remember to bring your BuckID when you come to the Younkin. **Please remember to clean up before you leave, and be mindful of your fellow teammates while you are here. 

  • Mon, June 6: Open 24 hrs  Computer Lab open 7:30am-10pm
  • Tue, June 7: Open 24 hrs  Computer Lab open 7:30am-10pm
  • Wed, June 8: Open 24 hrs  Computer Lab open 7:30am-10pm
  • Thu, June 9: Open 24 hrs, building will close at 8pm  Computer Lab open 7:30am-5pm
  • Fri, June 10: 7am – 5:00pm

*Please pick up your belongings, including trash, and be mindful or your fellow teammates when you are here to study. 

Walk-in Tutor Schedule

Click on the days below to view the schedule of walk-in tutors for that day.

  • Sunday – June 5th
  • Monday – June 6th

You may also contact a tutor you have been working with this quarter to make arrangements to meet during finals week.  Please log in (using your BuckID) as you would during the quarter. 

 Math & Stats Campus Resources:

Math Review Sessions (130, 132, 148, &152.01) are available thru the Math & Stats LearningCenter. The Ohio State Math & Stats LearningCenter will also have walk-in tutors available throughout finalsweek.  Click here to learn more about the times andlocations (in Cockins Hall): 

Final Exam Schedule

IMPORTANT – *Please view your syllabus as well or contact your professor if you are not sure.

Click here to view the complete finals schedule.

IMPORTANT information if you are on book scholarship! 

SP11 Book and Academic Supplies Return Information

All SP11 Quarter books and supplies must be turned in by Monday, June 13th.

All Keep Slips, calculators, and any other academic supplies on loan from SASSO must be returned to SASSO by 4:30pm on Monday, June 13th.

All books must be turned into Barnes & Noble by 8pm on Monday, June 13th.  Make sure you get an itemized receipt showing what you returned – books and date returned should be listed on the receipt. 

Make sure your receipt is accurate and that you keep your receipt. 

Please note:  It does not matter where you purchased your books – All books should be returned to Barnes & Noble. 

If you do not return your books or academic supplies a late fee will be assessed.

Additional Support

Click here if your interested in controlling test anxiety!  Great ideas and tremendous tips to help you succeed.

Check with your professor for additional class-support opportunities that might be available either through the class or the department.