August 10, 2018

Another Successful Summer Bridge Program Wraps Up


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The fourth-annual Summer Bridge Program wrapped up in July, helping over 85 student-athletes acclimate to life as a college student and a varsity athlete.

The group came together for a final dinner at the Younkin Success Center before finals week, continuing to get to know each other with the goal of breaking down barriers outside of the athletes’ immediate teams. The event allowed the freshmen to reflect on how their first college courses went over the summer, and provided an opportunity to have dinner with an upperclassmen student-athlete, asking questions about their experience and receiving advice.

Kat Duvall, a rising senior on the softball team, interned with SASSO as part of the Bucks Go Pro internship program. Duvall helped recruit and organize the upperclassmen student-athletes that met with the underclassmen.

“The Summer Bridge Wrap-Up Event was an excellent way for the incoming freshmen to get to know one another before the start of the school year,” Duvall said. “During this event, the freshmen were grouped with an upperclassman to ask any questions and express their concerns. All upperclassmen know the transition to college can be difficult, so it was a great experience getting to speak to them and better prepare them for freshman year. I thought this event was a great way to ease any worries, and let fellow student-athletes share their experiences since all the upperclassmen at the event were once in their shoes.”