April 30, 2020

Alumni Profile: Scott Foreman


Alumni Profile: Scott Foreman

Scott Foreman was just a few years into a job in corporate construction management when he decided he couldn’t take it anymore.

Construction and working with his hands – he loved that. Sitting in an office? He had enough of that.

So Foreman, who was a construction management major at Ohio State and taught himself how to weld in his father’s garage, got a job as an ironworker for a few years. After he’d learned enough, he then started Baltimore Fabrication in 2014, which today has grown into one of the top steel fabricators and erectors in the mid-Atlantic region.

The beginnings of Baltimore Fabrication were humble: Foreman started with just one other partner, no investors, no office space and no running water. Today, the company includes 65 employees, a 50,000-square foot fabrication shop in New Freedom, Pa. and offices in Baltimore City, Md.

“My time as a captain for the lacrosse team taught me a tremendous amount about leadership and how to, and how not to, lead a group of people with different personalities and desires,” said Foreman, who was a tri-captain for the Buckeyes in 2010. “There were good times and bad times, and learning to handle those and navigate the changing dynamics gave me some experience on how to handle employees.”

A native of Timonium, Md., Foreman played at Calvert Hall, a national power that continues to produce players who have had great careers at Ohio State. What he found with the Buckeyes was a culture that mirrored the one he had grown accustomed to in high school.

“At Calvert Hall we were a blue collar group,” said Foreman. “A lot of our families were in the construction and trades industry. We all played multiple sports and we won by being bigger, faster, stronger. There was no elitist attitude. I felt that same atmosphere was present at Ohio State. All the guys were down to earth, and the group seemed like a family. Coach Breschi and Myers were also a big part of my decision. I immediately connected with them and knew I wanted to play for them. They demonstrated the same morals and principles that I was raised on, so they felt like an extension of my family.”

Ten years after graduating, the pipeline that Foreman and others built from Ohio State to Calvert Hall remains strong. On the current roster, Ohio State has five Calvert Hall graduates.

“The two organizations are very similar in style and culture. Both have a foundation of hard work and physical play,” said Foreman. “We always worked harder than our opponents and that was the key to our success. I take a lot of pride in being part of a team that worked as hard as these teams did.”

An anchor on the Buckeyes’ defense, Foreman started 48 consecutive games from 2008-10, picked up 88 ground balls and caused 22 turnovers, including 15 as a senior in 2010. That season, he also had the honor of receiving the Michael R. Breschi Scholarship, which he calls one of his most cherished memories.

Today, Foreman and his wife, Deirdre, live in Baltimore and have a daughter, Audrey. He’s kept business and family close to him as his brother, Adam, works for him at Baltimore Fabrication.

Looking back on his time at Ohio State, Foreman said his experience was profound because of the lessons he uses even to this day:

“Being a student athlete is something you can only do once. You will only get out what you put in. The life lessons and values that come from being an athlete set you a step above the rest when entering the professional world. Make the most of the opportunity before you and do not waste it. Give it everything and leave with no regrets.”