Alcohol Policy

The Schottenstein Center mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests attending our events. We recognize our responsibility to ensure that alcohol sales, service and consumption are effectively managed. The Schottenstein Center and Levy promise to work hard to promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by following the TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) Program and Industry Best Practices. If you have any concerns or issues during your visit, please contact any of our Guest Services Staff.

I. Alcohol will not be sold or permitted to be in possession of persons under the legal drinking age of 21 years old. Servers will request identification from any guests that appear to be 30 years of age or younger. Acceptable forms of ID: State or U.S. Territory issued I.D. card, State issued Driver’s License, Military I.D., or a U.S. or foreign passport, that displays a picture of the individual for whom the license, card, or passport was issued and shows that the person buying was then at least twenty-one years of age

II. JSC follows the TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) on Campus Program. JSC will have staff managing and monitoring alcohol consumption and responding to alcohol related issues. A specially trained team of TEAM Event Staff will monitor audiences for any alcohol related issues or concerns.

III. Guests who consume alcohol are encouraged to drink responsibly and follow policy and Fan Guidelines. A Designated Driver Program is available at Guest Services Booths on each level. Responsible participants will receive an identifying wristband and coupon for a complimentary soft drink for their participation.

IV. Guests are not permitted to bring any alcoholic beverages into the facility, nor are they permitted to leave the facility with any alcoholic beverages. Guests who appear visibly intoxicated will not be permitted to enter the facility and if necessary their ticket will be refunded. Guests who violate any of the alcohol policies during an event will be subject to ejection or further actions with no refund.

V. During OSU athletic events, alcohol will not be permitted in the following seating areas designated as “Student Seating” or “Family Seating”.

Men’s Basketball
Sections 101;104;105;106;107 Rows K and below; Sections 110, 111, and 114 All Rows

Men’s Basketball (Non-Conference & Select Option games)
Section 114

Women’s Basketball
Section 114

Sections 111;114;117

VI. Guests may only purchase or be in possession of a maximum of two alcoholic beverages at any one time. Bottles and cans will be decanted into plastic cups if event dynamics or Artist’s request dictate.

VII. For events when alcohol is served, sales will be cut off according to the following general guidelines:

Men’s Basketball – cut off at the 10 minute mark of the second half.
Women’s Basketball – cut off at the start of the 4rd quarter.
Hockey – cut off at the start of the 3rd period.
Concerts – cut off is generally one hour prior to the estimated end time of the show.

Complete State of Ohio and The Ohio State University Alcohol Policies can be found by clicking on the appropriate links.