Dec. 8, 2002

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State men’s and women’s gymnastics teams started the 2002-03 season Sunday in the Mixed Pairs Championship at St. John Arena. Sophomore Kerry Adderly (Orlando, Fla.) and freshman Shelby Warner (Fenton, Mich.) combined to win the event with a score of 55.225.

The event began with 10 pairs in the first rotation. The Top 7 duos advanced to the second rotation and four teams competed in the third and final rotation.

In the final rotation, Warner posted a 9.8 on floor to push her team into first place. She recorded a 9.35 on beam and 9.575 on bars. Adderly scored an 8.5 on floor, 8.9 on rings and 9.1 on parallel bar.

“It was a fun competition,” Adderly said. “It gave us a chance to show off what we have been working on all summer and it was a good way to start the season.”

The duo of Randy Monahan (So./Elizabethtown, Pa.) and Tiffanie Janke (Jr./Schaumburg, Ill.) placed second with a score of 54.9. Cody Trobaugh (So./Dallas, Texas) and Kaylin Schlecht (Fr./Marion, Ohio) complied 54.875 points and landed in third place. The other pair to reach the final rotation was the tandem of Jamie Houle (Jr./Enfield, Conn.) and Laura Sommerville (So./Algonquin, Ill.).

“Nobody got hurt and that is a very positive thing,” Miles Avery, men’s head coach, said. “You have to start the season somehow and this was a good starting point. Goals accomplished, we had fun and no one got hurt.”

“Any time you have a competition like that, the best thing you get out of it is it’s a wake-up call that the season is here,” Larry Cox, women’s head coach, said. “It’s a good way to work on the little aspects and to look and see what areas we need improvement in.”

Rotation One – everyone TEAM Event Gymnast Score Score Floor Emily Sineway 9.650 18.150 Vault Issac Monical 8.500 Bars Jill Weber 9.550 18.450 Floor Dick Huntwork 8.900 Bars Kaylin Schlecht 9.800 18.900 Vault Cody Trobaugh 9.100 Bars Laura Sommerville 9.150 17.850 Floor Jamey Houle 8.700 Floor Leah Boccaccio 9.525 18.425 Vault Jamie Shepard 8.900 Bars Sarah Spring 8.150 15.950 PH Eric Van Sickle 7.800 Bars Shelby Warner 9.575 18.675 PB Kerry Adderly 9.100 Bars Shelley Harris 9.625 17.425 Vault Mike Evans 7.800 Beam Sheri Greig 9.525 16.925 PB Tim Saxton 7.400 Beam Tiffanie Janke 8.975 17.875 Vault Randy Monahan 8.900

Rotation Two – top seven pairs TEAM Event Gymnast Score Score Beam Emily Sineway 9.100 35.150 Floor Issac Monical 7.900 Vault Jill Weber 9.600 36.150 PH Dick Huntwork 8.100 Beam Kaylin Schlecht 9.700 37.000 Rings Cody Trobaugh 8.400 Beam Laura Sommerville 9.425 35.775 HB Jamey Houle 8.500 Vault Leah Boccaccio 9.400 36.425 Rings Jamie Shepard 8.600 Beam Shelby Warner 9.350 36.925 Rings Kerry Adderly 8.900 Floor Tiffanie Janke 9.675 36.450 HB Randy Monahan 8.900

Rotation Three – top four pairs TEAM Event Gymnast Score Score Place Floor Kaylin Schlecht 9.575 54.875 3 PB Cody Trobaugh 8.300 Beam Leah Boccaccio 8.450 52.675 4 Floor Jamie Shepard 7.800 Floor Shelby Warner 9.800 55.225 1 Floor Kerry Adderly 8.500 Vault Tiffanie Janke 9.650 46.100 2 Rings Randy Monahan 8.800

Intermission Routines # 1 Event Gymnast Score Floor Rickee Wirtzberger 9.375 Bars Beth Groskopf 8.950 Beam Megan Porter 8.850 PH Ryan Schwartskopf 9.400

Intermission Routines # 2 Event Gymnast Score Bars Megan Porter 9.600 Beam Kyla Watson 8.500 Rings Matt Smith 8.500

Intermission Routines # 3 Event Gymnast Score Vault Julie Levi 8.950 Beam Jenni Lymanstall 8.400 PH Raj Bhavsar 8.400 )>