ADA Information - Griggs Reservoir

Griggs Reservoir provides accommodations for those with disabilities, including accessible seating, and accessible restrooms that will allow for an enjoyable game day experience. Accessible seating is located at Griggs Reservoir in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Accommodation Requests
If information below leaves you with questions about access or you wish to request accommodations for a disability, please contact Evan Derr at; 614-292-2661 or contact the University ADA Coordinator at; 614-292-6207 (v) or 614-688-8605 (tty) or click on the Disability Needs Form link here to request an accommodation. Early requests are encouraged. Depending on your particular needs, two weeks’ notice will generally allow us to accommodate your request.

All guests should enter Griggs Reservoir by heading west at the Riverside Drive/Nottingham Road intersection or head west at the Riverside Drive/Lakinhurst intersection. While heading north you will meet a Redcoat who will allow access to the ADA parking area.

Accessible restrooms are located near the ADA parking spaces at the top of the hill.

Seat Locations
Disability seating is located at the top of the hill.

Animals: Pets, Service Animals, ESAs
Animals, except trained service dogs or miniature horses, are not permitted into Griggs Reservoir.

Service Dogs in Training are recognized by the Ohio Revised Code and are permitted into Ohio Stadium. Service dogs in training must have a liability insurance policy provided by the non-profit agency sponsoring the training and be under control. Typically, puppy rearing (under six months of age) focused on socialization and general obedience training is not considered Service Animal Training.

Emotional Support Animals may be permitted into Ohio State facilities as a reasonable accommodation.  Requests must be reviewed by the University ADA Coordinator’s Office. Guests wishing to make a request for an Emotional Support Animal to an event should complete this Disability Needs Request Form at least two week prior to the event.

Guests needing wheelchair assistance while at Griggs Reservoir for an event should contact the nearest Redcoat, event staff member.