COLUMBUS, Ohio – Because of windy conditions in the area, the ACC/Big Ten Challenge hosted by the seventh-ranked Ohio State rowing team on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir has been moved up an hour. Instead of the first session’s 9 a.m. start, the regatta will begin at 8 a.m. The second session will promptly begin at 10 a.m.
Joining the Buckeyes are No. 12 Michigan, No. 14 Clemson and No. 2 Virginia in the annual event that consistently features the top rowing programs in the nation.  
2011 ACC/Big Ten Challenge April 3, 2011 Scioto River Griggs Reservoir Columbus, Ohio

  Lane 1 Lane2 Lane 3 Lane 41V8         8a.m. Clemson Michigan     8:10 a.m. Virginia OhioState     2V8        8:20 a.m. Michigan Clemson    8:30 a.m. Ohio State Virginia    1V4        8:40 a.m. Clemson Michigan     8:50a.m. Virginia Ohio State Virginia   2V4        9 a.m. Michigan ClemsonMichigan   9:10 a.m. Virginia Ohio State Virginia  1N8        9:20 a.m. Clemson Michigan    3V8        9:30 a.m. Virginia Ohio State    2N8        9:40 a.m. Michigan Clemson Ohio State  1V8         10a.m. Virginia Michigan     10:10 a.m. ClemsonOhio State     2V8        10:20 a.m. Michigan Virginia    10:30 a.m. Ohio State Clemson    1V4        10:40 a.m. Virginia Michigan Virginia   10:50a.m. Clemson Ohio State     2V4        11 a.m. MichiganVirginia Michigan Virginia 11:10 a.m. Ohio State Clemson    1N8        11:20 a.m. Michigan Virginia     11:30a.m. Ohio State Clemson     2N8        11:40 a.m. Ohio StateClemson Michigan