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Under the direction of the Office of Academic Affairs, SASSO has an extensive and experienced staff committed to a comprehensive program of academic and personal development for student-athletes.  SASSO assists more than 900 student-athletes in all areas of academic support and personal development. 

A few highlights of academic resources available through SASSO:

The Study Table Program is designed to provide student-athletes with a structured learning environment to supplement and enhance the student-athlete’s study and class preparation. 

The Tutoring Program provides student-athletes an opportunity to supplement their classroom knowledge with one-on-one tutorial assistance, free of charge.  All current student-athletes are eligible to utilize tutoring services.

The SASSO Tutoring Program is certified by the CRLA


To request a tutor, click here.

To cancel a tutor, click here.

Learning Specialists provide intensive academic skill building, mentoring, tutoring, and monitoring of student progress and personal development.

The Mentoring Program assists student-athletes with life skill development, as well as help them explore majors, explore graduate school opportunities and begin their career decision-making process.

The Fergus Computer Lab is located in room 220 of the Younkin Success Center and is available to student-athletes in support of academic work.  Printing is also available in Fergus. 

Laptop Loan Program is available for coaches to check out laptops for student-athlete use during team travel.  Contact your team’s SASSO Counselor or your coaching staff if you are in need of this support.

Online Student Center
     • Watch a quick video tour of the new online Student Center
     • FAQ’s about the new online Student Center

OSU Library (Thompson)

Strategies for Academic Success Seminars highlight areas for academic development and enhancement.  Topics include academic misconduct, graduate/professional school admissions, and general study skills.

EduPAES courses provide insight into issues affecting the personal development of student-athletes (Edu PAES 263), and prepare student-athletes for the transition out of sport and into their careers (Edu PAES 315).

Math & Stats Learning Center Click here for more information on math & stats workshops, help hours, and tutor room hours.

Exhausted Eligibilty Grant-in-Aid Request

Summer School GIA Request Form

Writing Center (OSU)

  •  If you are interested in participating in any of the above programs or courses, contact your team’s SASSO Counselor.