Student-Athlete Support Services Office
Academic Integrity Statement

Academic Integrity means earning credit honestly through your own efforts. Academic Integrity should be the number one priority for student-athletes, as the punishments for violating it are severe and embarrassing.

The most common forms of academic dishonesty are the following:

1. Plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of taking ideas, writings, or visual art of another person and presenting them as your own. In writing, this could take the form of word-for-word copying, paraphrasing, or even taking the structure of someone else’s work and presenting it as your own. In visual arts, this could take the form of copying ideas, actual structures, or entire works and presenting them as your own. If unsure, take the work to your instructor or a tutor and ask for help.
2. Cheating on exams. This could take the form of having someone else take the exam for you, looking on someone else’s exam or letting someone look on yours, and taking notes into the exam. These would apply to taking a test through Carmen as well.
3. Cheating on assignments. Copying another person’s work, working too closely with another student, giving your work to another student, splitting tasks on an assignment that is clearly NOT designed as a collaborative one, turning in the same work for two different classes, and buying or borrowing papers.
4. Suspicious or careless behavior. Instructors can bring students up on academic misconduct charges for something as seemingly harmless as picking up your cell phone during an exam. Protect your work and your integrity.